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  1. Cool idea but with AI and terrain glitching 'return home' would be a bad combo for losing a bird. Maybe a better option would be on death, they fly above the terrain to a pre-set height.. that way they're safe and you know where to look.
  2. Since nobody else was offering a suggestion maybe, possibly it was following another of your dinos. There's a random glitch where after server restart they don't show 'following x" but they still are. So just wondering if that was your first dismount when you took the argy out? And if so follow a straight path from where it was back to your base. Had this happen before and they take off and out of render faster than we realize, sometimes.
  3. 1 anky Rex giga bronto theriz doed quetz whale saber golem= 90% of my animals rest just sit and look neglected, like an ugly puppy with a skin condition.
  4. Depends, could be the opposite of what your thinking. This time next year it could be quite the opposite and the new servers are barely be alive. Or, hopefully both are alive and well. Depends how many of us old farts move and where the new guys decide to play.
  5. I understand the need to seperate the two into different clusters. From a business standpoint everybody is happy and life goes on. So props to the team there I definitely think it was the best solution right now. I do have a concern, however, and that is just speculating there may be less "policing" on legacy servers in the future and more concentration on the cleaner, new ones. Maybe there will be a time in the future the two groups won't be seperate. Nj guys!
  6. Probably not think the extension for console was a soft cutoff warning. Have a feeling rates will go back to normal soon so everyone who procrastinated raising gigas.. You get to actually raise your giga LOL
  7. Really hope the developers read this post and take it to heart. Been gaming for 25 years and played so many mmos that I can't even think of them all some of those for tens of years. At first I didn't want to play Ark .. Brother in law actually had to buy it for me on xbox after telling him I wasn't interested didn't seem like it had the depth of other mmos I was a accustomed to. Well couldn't tell you how many hours I have on ark now but I have not played a single other game since I was lvl 10 on the beach x many months ago. You guys are doing something right and I think you know as well as the community knows that ark is something unique to the gaming world. Early access, beta or whatever it is really doesn't matter to me or anyone else here or they wouldn't be playing and bitching. Far as the paid dlc goes .. servers aren't cheap.. Should have charged more.
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