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  1. Windows 10 release?

    I didn't realize SP files were cloud-based; are we certain about that?
  2. Windows 10 release?

    Well I play ark on Windows 10 like 1 year so I dunno what u want. Win10 UMP, as in the version that will allow Xbox players to host unofficial servers on their PC's that their Xbox can access. Not the Steam version you have been playing on your win10 box.
  3. So where's everyone gone?

    Are you on console or PC? PC official (even legacy) have always fared better than console because the player base is wider and because exiting from legacy on PC is infinitely easier than exiting from console. For my part, the official PVE Xbox server I played on was not purged during release. We usually counted 30-40 players on during peak play hours and could spike as high as 70 on Evoevent weekends. There was a thriving community that traded etc. After it became apparent that WC had zero intent of supporting the legacy system, everyone bailed. Numbers dropped to 10-15 during peak play, including Evoevents. Last week, I gave up, merged my single person tribe with a friendly tribe (so they could get my stuff easily), and then swam out into the middle of the ocean to die. I will NEVER go back. Players who were interested in the survival/end game content aspect of this game have zero reason to continue on official servers in the legacy program because all those servers will eventually go away. The whole point of playing official PVE on console was to be part of the trading and breeding community (which you don't get through unofficial or single player).
  4. Windows 10 release?

    to anyone with direct experience. If you've been running singleplayer on your Xbox, is there anyway to capture the world and player files and move them to a windows 10 box that can be used as a server?
  5. Most Creative Dino Names

    Sarco named Bubba Nerfelberdk (he was Dutch...) My boss Rex was a red mutie hence, "Clifford"
  6. Repurposed Server Maps?

    If you don't think WC/Snail and Nitrado have a reciprocal agreement relating to the number of unofficial servers that WC can shift Nitrado's way and WC's official hosting costs, you know nothing about how business works. Additionally, I'd be willing to bet that the hold up on the UMP/Win10 hosting for Xbox is related not to technical concerns but rather to business concerns related to WC's and Nitrado's close relationship. At this point, I don't believe a word out of the devs' mouths when it comes to technical issues.
  7. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    what made you think that wasn't a lie as well?
  8. Regarding Ending Support for day-one players

    Wrong, we provided unpaid beta testing services. Trying going on to BLS.gov and researching the salaries of paid beta testers because the whole "early access thing" was merely a way for WC to obtain broad-scale alpha and beta testing services (along with stress-testing) while simultaneously engaging in a stealth crowd-funding campaign. The fact that WC chose to squander most of that by spending the time jamming in useless content instead of paying attention to the actual problems the beta testing revealed is completely irrelevant to the discussion. Furthermore, the biggest issue is that WC obfuscated the truth throughout the entire process. Ignoring flip-flops on whether they would wipe or not (because, honestly, they were never clear enough in their communications to be charged with actually going back on their word about the wipe), they withheld the information regarding the withdrawal of customer support until the last possible moment. That is simply not how you treat your customers. No reputable company operates in that manner and stays in business, but white-knight, game fanbois have allowed the game industry, and especially certain trend-setting companies, to get away with operating in that manner. Because of that, the rest of the consumer base has to put with such nonsense.
  9. Tacking The Island's Caves

    I got about halfway through the lava cave on a very high level frog, but I don't think I 'd recommend it. Frog's work well for the scorps and spiders, but you can only fight the bats in certain areas.
  10. Is it true?

    It is true that somebody reported their Legacy server showing up in the new server list. whether this allowed an enterprising persons to migrate to a new server before this was caught - I haven't heard anything else.
  11. Legacy Servers Worth Playing Right Now?

    I was able to get on my Legacy (PVE) last night and everything seemed relatively normal (aside from a sleeping squatter that got stuck inside my base). HalfSlab is correct though, Legacy is on a timer, nobody knows how long a particular server will last so if you do choose to play on one, you'd better go into it presuming that you're sinking time.
  12. Let's face it - they were completely unprepared for today. Even things as small as ensuring splash screens were missed. (No, GP you're wrong, it's not petty it's MORE evidence of gross incompetence after TWO YEARS of beta testing that were wasted cramming useless content into the game that the vast majority of players will never attempt and may never even see).
  13. Ragnarok single player

    you have to use admin cheats to trick the system into believing you have beaten the bosses on the Island. Search for "Ascend" on this forum and you will find a thread that tells you specifically how to do it. note: this is the devs idea of "story-driven" for single player. The same situation occurs if you want to play on the Center.
  14. Dinos glitching into ground

    okay, that's the bad one. Only other answer is know is to move out of render distance and re-log in. BUT, I've heard that could also cause the dino to fall through the map. Sorry...
  15. Congrats WC

    According to another thread - somebody got on within the last hour and made it to lvl 12 so they could start spamming pillars, but then the server crashed. Perhaps that's WC's new secret weapon, anytime someone tries to make a pillar on official the system crashes....