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  1. So, what the official voice of WC is saying is that they do not believe a necessary function of game play is being able to save your progress? Sure sounds like it to me. Issue: dedicated servers will not save game progress in UMP/Crossplay. Patch: will fix the Issue. Problem: the Patch is not available in the Win10 store (the only channel available to get the Patch to Win10 computers) Question: "why wont anyone acknowledge the windows store not getting the latest xbox update [Patch]?" Answer: "it's not required [to play]" You know, if this is the actual attitude of WC dev team (and not just another example of their complete and total inability to properly manage corporate communications), it sure does explain a lot about the last three years of bugs, missed deadlines, etc. "Well, it's not required to play the game...."
  2. electricblooz

    Cross Play help!

    Can someone tell me if this would work? I have the "family" option set up on my home Xbone so my kids can play online through my Gold account. If I download the Win10 version to a computer and sign in to it under my account, opening the game as a non- dedicated server, my son (using his "family" account on the Xbone) should be able to play with me, correct? Additionally, I'll be able to set how much of a tether we have to deal with from my admin setting on the Win 10 game, correct?
  3. electricblooz

    Bee Taming.. Tips?

    ah - I had PVE on (don't know if ORP was).
  4. electricblooz

    Bee Taming.. Tips?

    every hive I've found has a no build space around it giving the error "no floor to attach to" (even playing single player with clip building turned on).
  5. electricblooz

    How to be: UNRAIDABLE

    easier answer - play single player, because, apparently, this game only works correctly in local mode....
  6. electricblooz

    Too many tamed creatures on this ark?

    the cap has nothing to do with land size and everything to do with processor power.
  7. electricblooz

    Add a "time-forward" function for single player

    of course - ideally, it would be a setting on the options page before you select singleplayer. Advance single player time frame Y/N Real world hours to advance single player time frame on world load ______
  8. After having given up on officials on consoles and not wanting to buy a server from Nitrado for just myself, I'd like to see support for single player functionality increased, specifically, the ability to "run the clock forward" on startup of single player mode. The idea here is to add a function on single player startup that would simulate the passing of time since the world was last accessed. the play would input a time figure (probably measured in real days that would be converted to game days), the system would then simulate everything but dino movement for that time period (i.e. resource respawn, crop growth, hunger, maturation, etc.) This would allow console singleplayer users to actually experience some of the maintenance aspects of the game.
  9. electricblooz

    QUESTION: Why do you choose Official?

    Most of the responses here seem to be from PC gamers.... Until earlier this month, you had two choices to play multiplayer on Ark consoles - official, or buy a second console rig. There simply was not the breadth and availability of unofficial console-based servers AND the few console-based servers that did exist were (for the most part) tied to specific gaming groups (i.e. if you were not in the group don't bother applying.) Official was far and away the most reasonable way to enter multiplayer for console players.
  10. electricblooz

    Is the hate Ark Devs well deserved?

    The decision to focus on content over play-ability and stability for all platforms was a poor project management decision. It should have been addressed two years ago when it became apparent that it was a poor project management decision. Instead the project team continued to charge forward, following a broken design calendar and refusing to hear any form of criticism of their plans. this is what led to the current state of disregard for the project team.
  11. ...and guessing about when the games spawning logic will just randomly decide to plop one down inside your completely enclosed building. That a game feature too, right Rnager>?<
  12. most of the biggest issues with this game are netcode and not engine related. thus, having the XOX shouldn't impact them. T
  13. electricblooz

    Tranq darts or arrows

    would kiting a giga through a narc trap work the same way?
  14. electricblooz

    Cave Mounts

    In the new caves, Sabers will get stuck in the lower south Cave about halfway down. Caveat emptor!
  15. electricblooz

    Jat's Official Word on Legacy

    And then they went about and did everything in the their power to ensure those Legacy communities would dwindle. ...