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  1. Is the hate Ark Devs well deserved?

    The decision to focus on content over play-ability and stability for all platforms was a poor project management decision. It should have been addressed two years ago when it became apparent that it was a poor project management decision. Instead the project team continued to charge forward, following a broken design calendar and refusing to hear any form of criticism of their plans. this is what led to the current state of disregard for the project team.
  2. ...and guessing about when the games spawning logic will just randomly decide to plop one down inside your completely enclosed building. That a game feature too, right Rnager>?<
  3. most of the biggest issues with this game are netcode and not engine related. thus, having the XOX shouldn't impact them. T
  4. Tranq darts or arrows

    would kiting a giga through a narc trap work the same way?
  5. Cave Mounts

    In the new caves, Sabers will get stuck in the lower south Cave about halfway down. Caveat emptor!
  6. Jat's Official Word on Legacy

    And then they went about and did everything in the their power to ensure those Legacy communities would dwindle. ...
  7. Should they make the ovis less rare?

    after months of play on an Official Island PVE - I finally saw 1! ovis from the back of my Ptera by Winter's Mouth.... Right as it was getting eating by a Giga.
  8. Taming boss rexes

    That sounds about right compared to what I was breeding out right before I gave up. Hatch at lvl 270 ish - lvl up fairly quickly to 30k hlth and 500 melee with 65% imprint.
  9. Alpha dinos can't drown?

    Same here kite them out into water, shoot or stab them with weapons. I can't say for certain that I've ever seen one drown though. It see like I recall it, but that may just have been an Allo with a pack leader boost.
  10. Windows 10 release?

    Sigh, Simple questions (choose one): Is the single player world data for Ark stored: locally only locally with cloud back up cloud only If the SP data is cloud save (either back-up or cloud-only), has there been any indication that if (or when) (and yes Ranger, I choose that particular wording intentionally) UMP finally gets here, WIN10 boxes will be able to access existing SP worlds, effectively turning them into dedicated server worlds? If no one has indicated, just say so. Right now it is possible to turn an SP world into a dedicated or non-dedicated server on XBone by simply choosing to host a server of that type. The XBone will retrieve the SP world data and treat it a the worlds save for the server. I have done this a couple of times to allow my son to play on my SP world while under tether. All I'm asking is if we know whether that will be possible with UMP or whether we will have to start yet another world to take advantage of UMP.
  11. Windows 10 release?

    I didn't realize SP files were cloud-based; are we certain about that?
  12. Windows 10 release?

    Well I play ark on Windows 10 like 1 year so I dunno what u want. Win10 UMP, as in the version that will allow Xbox players to host unofficial servers on their PC's that their Xbox can access. Not the Steam version you have been playing on your win10 box.
  13. So where's everyone gone?

    Are you on console or PC? PC official (even legacy) have always fared better than console because the player base is wider and because exiting from legacy on PC is infinitely easier than exiting from console. For my part, the official PVE Xbox server I played on was not purged during release. We usually counted 30-40 players on during peak play hours and could spike as high as 70 on Evoevent weekends. There was a thriving community that traded etc. After it became apparent that WC had zero intent of supporting the legacy system, everyone bailed. Numbers dropped to 10-15 during peak play, including Evoevents. Last week, I gave up, merged my single person tribe with a friendly tribe (so they could get my stuff easily), and then swam out into the middle of the ocean to die. I will NEVER go back. Players who were interested in the survival/end game content aspect of this game have zero reason to continue on official servers in the legacy program because all those servers will eventually go away. The whole point of playing official PVE on console was to be part of the trading and breeding community (which you don't get through unofficial or single player).
  14. Windows 10 release?

    to anyone with direct experience. If you've been running singleplayer on your Xbox, is there anyway to capture the world and player files and move them to a windows 10 box that can be used as a server?
  15. Most Creative Dino Names

    Sarco named Bubba Nerfelberdk (he was Dutch...) My boss Rex was a red mutie hence, "Clifford"