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  1. Ghettie

    osd Yellow osd

    Yes, with ease.
  2. Ghettie

    Breeding 101

    Always something new to learn on Ark. Thanks!
  3. super talented. Thanks for showing.
  4. Impressive artwork, especially those rock drakes.
  5. Ghettie

    New Trader

    Same, Trying to look for discord channels to trade for colorful dinos.
  6. Ghettie

    hi all!

    Welcome to Ark
  7. Ghettie

    Ice cave rag

    I usually use a high level baronyx to take care of the ice worms once in the cave . Finish the boss off with a Rex or Giga once you get to the queen. Very easy.
  8. Vote goes to colored Dino's. Can always breed for higher stats.
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