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  1. Exactly what I'm talking about it they just wreck the boat instantly that the boat gets destroyed before you can even kill it
  2. I don't cry I just get frustrated when we're carrying the load of a different tribe and then we go down because an alpha leedsichthys one shots the boat
  3. Nice sarcasm bud but no that's over exaggerating what I said I just mean that if your playing solo and driving a boat then your screwed and the leedsichthys has a poopload of health the alpha level one mind you two shots rafts were grinding the motor boat but still nowhere near enough black pearls
  4. Welcome to every pvp server ever this is the farthest me and my friends have gotten in a server to be fair this is just about the nicest pvp server we could find we're gonna switch to different tactics possibly
  5. Too lazy I only do that when writing my college essays
  6. well I don't like PvE because I don't like it when everyone just instantly gives you everything if you ask and it doesn't have the risk feeling I get on PvP because I may hate trolls but I love nothing more than showing them up which is the main reason I play pvp but every time I'm transporting the barge with my friends we're always careful for the leedsichthys I just think it's stupid though because the alpha ones have lost us a lot of good load in deep water while transporting it to another base for some weapons in return which is why the ark devs should wior the servers but that's an entire other thread somebody else can write on
  7. Let's just say where we're at we have the raft a decent distance i just think it's stupid because as it is trolls are going around killing everything and everyone so we can't have it on the shore otherwise trolls with gigas will destroy our raft we can't leave it in the deep water where the trolls can't get it but the leedsichthys can
  8. Yeah but me and my friends don't have the motorboat yet because we can't find enough silica pearls but I mean that they shouldn't aggro on boats that are active because it gets annoying and makes driving a boat alone near impossible
  9. So me and my friends had just finished grinding out a mini gun and ballista turret and were driving our boat around and out of nowhere we see one these gay things an alpha as well and it TWO SHOTS our boat destroying everything and then later that day we were driving another boat a transport barge and out of nowhere I had to pistol whip the thing so it could die while my friend was piking it so I'm thinking either we remove it or nerf it because people leave their boats in random spots because it stops players with gigas from destroying the boat when it's on shore or near shore so they go and destroy it because trolls but leaving it in the deep means getting it wrecked by the leedsichthys so I'm thinking make it to where it doesn't Aggro on boats at all and if your gonna have it aggro on boats then make it to where it aggression only on idle boats that have been idle for a certain amount of time because it's annoying as hell to constantly kill them it makes driving boats alone impossible because you have to kill it otherwise you lose everything
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