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  1. They're pretty good at gathering Chitin too. Take a Megatherium along the black shores on Ragnarok just smashing all the beetles, spiders, centipedes, and mantis, and you'll end up with a crapload of Chitin.
  2. Get some Megatheriums. They do so LOVE them some crunchy Arthroplueras. Mmmm. Mmmm. Add some acid for extra spiciness. Claw licking good. Megatheriums are immune to the acid damage of Arthroplueras, get a damage bonus against bugs, and when they kill a bug, they get a massive damage and resistance buff where they go Hulk mode. Name it "Orson the Bug Slayer".
  3. Who knew that Trikes could do meth? Seriously, that Trike hasn't eaten in weeks and is gaunt as a result of it.
  4. Yep, they definitely need to revamp the Megalodon. They're just so generic, especially for something with such a legendary reputation in real life (they were even bigger than Mosasaurs, and had 3x the bite force of a T-Rex). I think they should add a "breach" charge attack to Megalodons (although, not actually have them exit the water, since that instantly kills them in Ark). Basically a inverse of the Griffin's dive. When the Megalodon is angled upward and sprinting, he gains an increasing speed boost (while burning Stamina like mad). If he does a passing bite while breaching (like the Griffin's Diving Swipe), he inflicts a slowing bleed DoT on the target (like an Alpha Allosaurus delivers) to simulate biting fins (which Sharks are well known for), but if the Megalodon directly collides with something while breaching (like the Griffin's Dive Bomb), he delivers massive damage. This would open up an entirely different fighting style for Megalodons, make having an enemy player on a Megalodon below you, very dangerous. The Megalodon could open up on you from below with a breaching fin bite to slow you down so you can't catch him, before he descends back down to aim a breaching charge directly at you for big damage.
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing the Megalodon get a "breach" ability. It could basically be the opposite of the Griffin's dive, if you swim upwards with a Megalodon, it gains speed and deals more damage with it's bite. Maybe have a successful "breach" attack also deliver a slow effect, like the Alpha Allosaurus bite does. Sharks are well known for going after fins to cripple large prey. Megalodon was no different, judging by the fossil records of ancient whales that Megalodon preyed upon. Megalodon in Ark are way smaller than they were in reality though. In reality, they were even bigger than Mosasaurus.
  6. That right there supports what i suspected. The Ark is a sentient AI system.
  7. Homo Deus (Man God) more fits the digital aspect of what we play as in Ark. It's a "species" that has literally transcended the physical (godlike). An AI within a human form. Kind of reminds me how in the PS1 game, Xenogears, God (Deus) was actually a machine.
  8. Just before the Overseer battle on the Island, one of the consoles states that Homo Sapiens are extinct, while Homo Deus is "endangered". But yeah, our bodies are probably just holograms, hence why it turns into a data stream when you ascend or transfer Arks.
  9. So, while watching a video on Ark: Extinction earlier, i thought of something. I knew that Homo Sapiens were extinct in Ark, and that we play as a "Homo Deus" (Man God), which many think are an evolutionary descendant of Homo Sapiens. But what if we're actually a sentient AI program that's within a hominid form (which explains how our body converts into data streams when we ascend)? What if there's an AI Overmind (think Skynet) on Earth (where Extinction takes place) that is using the sentient AI programs to stress test the adaptability of the human form in different environments, for determining which form is the best to transfer itself into for exploring the universe, because it's bored of being trapped on a dead world (Homo Sapiens obviously nuked themselves into extinction, maybe even in a war with the AI Overmind). The Devs have even hinted before that the Arks aren't the product of Aliens. Way to pull a Matrix on the players.
  10. Usually when one of my dinos gets a Leech on it, i just hit the dino with a torch, and it removes the Leech.
  11. Lol, that video showcases all the crap that i've complained about on the forums about that particular taming method for Hesperornis/Otters. I absolutely despise that taming method due to the wildly gyrating fish blocking your feeding, and if you accidentally drop it the fish begins to float up into the air, as if it was ascending to fish heaven. Been wanting to tame some high level Otters on my Ragnarok server so i can hopefully get a high Melee Damage one to breed, but i've been having a hell of a time finding Otters, and the taming method pisses me off consistently.
  12. First, make sure your pen is made out of Metal, so the Troodon won't waste time attacking the walls. Second, don't have a Torch nearby, it scares Troodons. Third, tame them at night. Fourth, make sure the Baby sacrifice is set to Neutral. Fifth, there's a 90 second cooldown between feedings, if you feed a baby to them sooner than that, they won't gain Taming progress. I use 3-4 Lvl 220+ Carno Babies to tame up Lvl 150 Troodons. I have multiple Lvl 220+ Fertilized Carno Eggs at 1% in my Fridge at all times. When i find a Lvl 135+ Troodon, i pick it up with my flyer and drop it in my metal taming pen, then wait for night. As soon as night hits, i hatch 3 of the Carno Eggs, set the babies to Neutral, then pick them up with my Quetz and drop them one at a time into the taming pen with the Troodon. The Troodon has no problem aggroing on baby Carnos at night. I wait 90 seconds between each feeding. 3-4 Baby Carnos and 4.5-6 minutes later, tamed Troodon.
  13. Underwater AoE Grenades would be useful for killing Eels that have stuck themselves inside your tame's hitbox.
  14. Still doesn't help with them glitching inside your dino's hitbox and getting it stuck to where it can't retaliate. Or the Eels glitching through terrain and sitting inside of rocks and stuff, waiting to ambush you. No point in knocking out anything underwater with the Harpoon Gun and taming it, when it's just going to die 5 mins later to a pack of eels ghosting out of a rock saying "Suprize! Butt Seckz!" I've seen Gods of the Sea Mosasaurus and Tusoteuthis that were bred off of two perfect 150 Tames (224 after Tame), with 100% Imprint and Mastercraft+ Saddles, that could annihilate any Alpha in the Sea, get killed by a pack of low level Eels before.
  15. The big question is, did they fix/nerf the Electrophorus? If not, then the Harpoon Gun will never see any use.
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