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  1. Paultron89

    3x breeding not on????

    Perhaps they could show a glimmer of hope to combat against their staggering levels of ineptitude and, I don't know, stop 3x maturation while they figure the digits they need to enter to make their game work properly? Just an idea.
  2. Paultron89

    3x breeding not on????

    Tested. 3x imprint is not live.
  3. Paultron89

    3x breeding not on????

    the 3x imprint rates?
  4. Paultron89

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Except that they will when they "activate" the event and everything else is working but they didn't turn on 3x imprint % fihrocehrocehrcheoieoivjervergverfvverv
  5. Paultron89

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Are we not getting 3x imprint rates? I just imprinted a featherlight to test and only got 17% If we're SUPPOSED to have 3x imprint rates can you please activate it?
  6. Any chance the straps of Allo saddles will ever be able to be dyed? It's weird that the other five color regions can be dyed (very nicely, I might add) and then you're stuck with brown straps.
  7. Paultron89

    Option disable chat

    An ignore user feature would be pretty nice, as well. There are some lonely dippoops out there who think they're streamers and have to tell everyone what they're doing at every moment. "Hmm, seems like someone got all the dams recently." "Just hatched 70 rexes." "I'm about to do a meat run." "Nobody has built on this land." etc etc I have screenshots where this one guy went on for a good 15-20 minutes typing messages to no one. It's annoying (and a bit sad).
  8. Paultron89

    Crop Plots Underperforming

    Anyone else having this issues?
  9. There seems to be a bug with crop plots not producing what they should be or not producing when out of render. Please look into this.
  10. Paultron89

    pve Imprinted giga capable of killing wild titan?

    You can kill a titan with any level giga, imprinted or not. They nerfed titan's speed and if you just line them up and walk backwards they are too slow to ever catch you and hit you. But, like anything, the higher the level, the higher the saddle, the higher the imprint, the better.
  11. I am curious, as well. After what amount of a dino is it considered spamming? What tier of dino is the cutoff? What about the asian tribes that infest NA servers and run businesses and/or stockpile stuff like the above?
  12. Doesn't that only count as 20 toward tribe (not server) cap?
  13. At this point I couldn't give less of a rats ass about the precious feelings of the devs. Your gave has been out on "official release" for close to a year now and yet the utter incompetence to actually have a fully functioning and non-bullpoopty game eludes you. All you pay content seems to roll out seemingly without interruption, but heavens forbid you actually make juveniles eat off a god damned trough. The were on tek troughs, five of them, full of meat, with an abundance of other things going. About the only thing that could possibly differentiate them from the survivors is that they were in roos. It's annoying as hell trying to even mate things half the time with server cap issues, and then when the windows to do so open up your grade school coding causes things to randomly decide to stop eating. Fix one thing, break fifteen others. Also, they starved to death at literally the exact same second? F uck you.