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  1. Except that they will when they "activate" the event and everything else is working but they didn't turn on 3x imprint % fihrocehrocehrcheoieoivjervergverfvverv
  2. Are we not getting 3x imprint rates? I just imprinted a featherlight to test and only got 17% If we're SUPPOSED to have 3x imprint rates can you please activate it?
  3. Any chance the straps of Allo saddles will ever be able to be dyed? It's weird that the other five color regions can be dyed (very nicely, I might add) and then you're stuck with brown straps.
  4. I am curious, as well. After what amount of a dino is it considered spamming? What tier of dino is the cutoff? What about the asian tribes that infest NA servers and run businesses and/or stockpile stuff like the above?
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