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  1. Obelisk Item Transfer

    So long as player/dino/item downloads are enabled you should be able to transfer your stuff to the new map. As for the capacity I'm not sure.
  2. Ah gotcha. Yeah it isn't so bad now that I have metal tools
  3. Hmm, I have my doubts on the 3.5x gathering rate. I understand that resource health is increased and resource damage is decreased, which I don't mind, but the gathering rate feels a lot more like 1x or even .5x. Normally when you pick up a stone it would give 7 with a 3.5x gather rate (I believe all rates were doubled by default for all servers a while back) but it instead gives just 1. Could you possibly double check this?
  4. My friend and I will be joining the server pretty soon. We also are peaceful people so if there is a way to not participate in PvP that'd be awesome. We mostly just want to build bases and tame dinos without worrying about it all being destroyed the moment we log out. I like the flag idea to mark off who is or isn't taking part in PvP.
  5. I'd still like to join if a spot is available.
  6. How do I enable floating damage for my singleplayer game? I've gotten used to it when playing online and it feels weird without it.
  7. Fantastic I'm a peaceful person so you won't have to worry about me being a turd.
  8. I'm looking for a PvE server on The Center that is 24/7. I don't care if it's regular mode or primitive plus, I just want to be able to play on the same server without worrying about it going down after a day. If anyone has a server could they also say what kind of boosts it has?
  9. Could I join in that server as well? I've been wanting to get back into playing but haven't found a good server that stays online for more than a couple days. You won't have to worry about me trying to grief or anything like that since I prefer to be peaceful and work together with people.
  10. Joining Session infinite....again

    Glad to hear it worked out for ya
  11. Heya, I've played this server in the past (for about a month) and hadn't been on for quite a while due to being on vacation and chilling with family. I assume I'm no longer on the friend's list of the host account since I can't join the session any more. Could I get re added? GT is Pouil4. I'm the fella with the metal base at the bottom of tropical mid that was always trading metal ingots for cement paste :D.
  12. Joining Session infinite....again

    Have you set both your primary and secondary DNS to I had to do that to fix this issue and it hasn't come up since.
  13. Primitive+ Player dedicated Bug

    Also having this issue when joining into my friend's player dedicated server.