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  1. Spike walls damage WILD dinos in PVP

    I always thought they were able to damage wild dinos in pvp.
  2. Legacy Server Looting Epidemic?

    Hey Nim, how you doing? Couple weeks ago, I logged on a sunday morning to feed/reset timers. Everything was fine. Came back tuesday morning to find all the glass in the base gone. Checked food levels, they were fine. internet went down and could not get back on until sometime saturday. Shrugged my shoulders and said I am done with legacy servers. Not sure if my base is still there, or demoed. Does not matter. As to what you mentioned about someone doing that, that is just... really... what is the point for that guy to do that?
  3. Question for the oldies.

    I remember once killing a dodo and seeing the body go rocketing off. A few minutes later some guy said in chat that he came out of his house and got smacked in the face with a dead dodo.
  4. I can confirm that it is a 2X event.
  5. Ark: Suggestions Evolved (Success stories)

    I asked for way to ignore people in game. Consoles have it but PC does not. They said the next update would get it...
  6. Saved legacy server - Wiped!

    That would defeat the purpose of hosting the saves....
  7. I would love to see that! Pegos slowly marching to their watery graves.
  8. I play on NA PVE Ragnarok 71. Seems like it is constantly full. Can take up to an hour for me to log on, others it takes them hours. One tribe most of the people there dislike or just hate them. They have foundation spammed/pillared vast parts of the map, and have even tried to sell land to people. My tribe included. other than that lots of nice people, who help others when asked. I have seen at least one person on a lightning wyvern. No gigas yet though.
  9. Raptor Bug?

    Oh man, I remember the first night of release. Me and some friends from the island were on the new rag map and an alpha rex spawned in our base area. And not just any alpha rex, no a 130 one. It ran rampant all over our area. Killed us multiple times ate half my house killed our tames. I eventually logged off in my partially destroyed house in disgust. Logged on the enxt day... it killed me in my sleep.
  10. Need more servers?

    Going to add in NA PVE Ragnarok servers. I play on NA PVE Ragnarok 71. Constantly full. Only drops really late at night like around 2am Central.
  11. Inactive players

    I wish PC had that option. If we do I can't find it.
  12. What bugs us is that we were told one thing and then they went and did something else. We were told we would have 30 days notice. We were given 5 days. We were told we would have support. They pulled that support. We were told the killed servers would be available to host either through paid or local. (leastwise I remember the local hosting thing) As for the repurposeing the old servers, what are they going to do? open more pvp servers? I looked at them. Most of the servers on the list were around 25-30. Some yes were at cap. But the vast majority of pvp servers were around half. this was peak time central US time zone. And the PVE servers, you could probably fit all the maps together and get half the pvp rag servers. As for the people wanting to get on the new servers, many of them will quit and never come back simply due to not being able to play. Sitting there refreshing the server list in the hopes that a slot will open up just long enough that you can get on is beyond frustration. Some people have said go solo. That is boring. Nothing like not having anyone to share your experiences with. No body to talk to. been playing for over a eyar mostly by myself on multiplayer but at least there were others to talk to on the server. I would have continued to play on PVE 374 if they had kept the support. I know many of the other people that play with me on NA rag 71 would not have left either.
  13. Let me guess...

    Pic1 you play on NA rag 71 too?
  14. They said every three months they would look at the servers and do a purge if necessary. Take a look at the number of PVE servers vs the number of pvp. Take a look at how many empty slots on each sever type. Seems to me they released way less servers than are needed for PVE.
  15. Offline Drowning

    Why are you not putting your gear in a chest when you log off? People dragging you to the water to drown you for your gear is the reason I put my stuff in a chest. Rule number one. People will do ANYTHING to get free things.