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  1. I quit playing back on October 6th. Just got tired of the wait times to get on, and then the server hit tame cap. Just could not take it anymore. I can't deal with pvp, and I don't want to waste my time in unofficial. As you said, I will never buy another product from WC. I did buy the season pass, regret wasting my money now. Lack of communication, miscommunication, going back on things they said, IE cutting support for legacy servers, lack of PVE servers on launch.... I loved the game, sadly since just before launch I feel the game has gone down hill.
  2. Jamagh

    Behemoth gates in pve

    They take less materials than a bunch of walls. Yes they are ugly, and people have asked multiple times for behemoth walls.
  3. Jamagh

    Ark movie

    And spawned three soon to be four sequels.
  4. Keep refreshing until you have the save just to be safe.
  5. Jamagh

    Fix Mammoth Meat more legit pls

    They also look and sound like they are in pain when they poop. I blame it on all the cactus they eat. Those spines man.
  6. Jamagh

    Dragons in Ark

    What is a map extension?
  7. I think it is something like 20 days. Not sure never paid much attention to the tek stuff as not many people had them on PVE 374. I do know it is like 42 days for a stone fireplace which is odd.
  8. Actually the decay timers are... Thatch buildings - 4 days Wood building - 8 days Stone buildings - 12 days Metal buildings - 16 days It will display something like 3:23:59:59 when it starts counting down. As for the fridges and other containers, they have the same decay as metal. 16 days. A dino will last as long as its food/HP lasts. Since each one no matter what food they have will last the same as the other. Say you have two trikes. One has 100 food. other has 1000. They will both starve at the same rate. This was changed recently, like back in may or june. And if they are not rendered when the timer is up, they will despawn. As for the trough, I agree. There should be a non tek but more advanced trough.
  9. If only that could be used on official servers....
  10. More like people would draw male genitals on their armour.
  11. Jamagh

    Can Unicorns have color mutations?

    Either way I am going to have fun!
  12. Jamagh

    Can Unicorns have color mutations?

    I may have to do some experimenting in single player. For science. Yeah.... science. >.> <.<
  13. Jamagh

    Labels on large storage boxes

    That is what I ended up doing. Had a tribe member that would just dump random things into a chest. We ended up with a chest for him to put random things in and we would relocate the stuff. His house was a nightmare to find anything. No names on the chests and all sorts of junk. Also Smokeyb. I am glad to see someone else spells colour correctly.
  14. Jamagh

    Tek Armor Element Consumption

    I think it is the fuel consumption in the advanced setting for single player.
  15. Take a look at what you want to tame. Do you want a raptor? Use a bola to make it stay in one spot. Or you can build a small trap. A simple 2X2 with ramps on the sides a gate frame on one side and door frame under the ramps will work. Make it two walls high, it is easy to get the raptor in. Works for a carno trike stego ankylo etc. If you want you can even make it a 3X3 so there is a little more room inside. Make it out of stone so that the creature you are trying to knock out does not chew through it while you are knocking it down. For taming a rex, you will want a bigger taming box, and if you want to try for a giga... I suggest making it out of metal. Since you are in single player, you do not have to worry about others pillaring things and you can build where you want. Good luck and happy taming. Another thing, look up a taming calculator http://www.survive-ark.com/taming-calculator/