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  1. Bet it is only on PVE that it does that.
  2. It would probably cook you like metal does. I remember seeing early dev kit art for the walls and things. Loved the look of it. looked really nice. Now, kinda meh... As for getting the engrams and element, you could transfer your character to the island kill the bosses, and then transfer back to SE and build there. From what I hear you have to kill them with that character. Not with one you made on that server.
  3. I am getting tired of the nerfs to PVE because of a PVP nerf. What are you going to do next? Make ALL tools and weapons the same like you did with rocket launchers?
  4. You lose your helms.. I get my pants taken. For some reason the pegos love my pants. One even stole my MC fur leggings. Other things in my inventory.... nah. Got to steal the pants I am wearing.
  5. I have had a turtle wandering around inside my fence for a few days. Last week a theri was inside the gates... and another one was trying to get through the gates to help it. The one on the inside killed the three dilos I had. No big loss but still.
  6. question

    I have not encountered this yet. I once found a troodon on a SE server. Started attacking what I thought was a pego, kinda hard to tell when you are on a wyvern, and when it died it said I had killed a level 55 troodon. Have not seen one since, but I don't go looking either.
  7. Hey PC does not have the ability to pick up things. Unless you use mods. Would love to have some of the things from structures + added in.Even some of the mods that give you RP stuff, like carpets, bookshelves that look like bookshelves. I would even like to have the things from primitive+ that would be nice. Lumber houses instead of the ones made with half log walls.
  8. Now if we could only get a seperate mount button from E. Like they said back in august.
  9. In some parts of the world they hope for sons. Be glad you have many sons to carry on your name!
  10. Wonder how they will do this. Will it be you can't tame/claim any until you drop below the cap for your tribe... or will it randomly delet dinos until you are at the cap. If the second one I can see a huge amount of rage. You removed all the best dinos we had and left us the dodos. I hope it is the first option. Does not affect me at all. I don't have. nor plan to have anywhere near the cap. Don't want or need that headache again.
  11. I have had this happen to my things too. Never when I am on though. And they are just out of place. Last time it happened one of the ankylos on SE was across the base. She decided that she wanted to hang out over by the paracers. Nothing else was moved, and they are inside a barn so... not sure why she went like 20 foundations to hang out with them.
  12. I am in total agreement with the OP. imprinting rewards the people that do not have jobs or a life. Even raising a dino is a long time consuming process.
  13. question

    Or get attacked and die from that too.
  14. Maybe they forgot to place the box? I keep getting surprised when I find a new note on SE that I did not have. Other day I found Raia note #10. Wish I could translate that in game.