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  1. In your other thread you said you were playing on a dedicated server. As I understand it, you would have to wait for the host to log back into that server. Until that point in time, you would be unable to access that server due to it not being online.
  2. PC? XBOX? PS4? How big is your base? You might have hit the structure limit, but you say you demoed something and can't place something else. You might be too close to a beacon. I had that problem with my base on the center map. There was a patch that supposedly made it so you can't build near beacon locations on PVE. There was one that came down in the center of my base only after server resets. Made it so I could no do anything with the base. Might be a broken beacon location.
  3. Can you put the trophy into the ARK data slot of the interface? I use that when transfering items.
  4. ok

    You do realize that it takes into account the parents level after taming not current level right?
  5. This is the first time I have seen someone get upset about a toilet.
  6. Bushes? I poop on peoples beds like a civilized person!
  7. I miss that sound. Mine still make the same ugly noises they have been making though. I do miss the old sounds.Maybe PC will get them back.
  8. I don't get it. Whats so funny?
  9. I am still waiting on the ignore ability on PC so we don't have to see toxic people talking in chat. I asked for this months ago, got a reply in a digest, where they said it would be in the next update. That was several updates ago. I guess they just want us to see the trolls and annoying people fill chat.
  10. Since you are on an unofficial server, are you the server admins? If so, just console command them in.
  11. I would like to have more items for RP purposes. Or cosmetic things to place around my base. A table, chair and a bench. That's it. Maybe a stand to place armour, or pots for plants. Maybe place the crystals so they can provide light. I know there are mods *rollseyes* but I play on official servers.
  12. I would like to hear more about primal survival. I keep hoping there will be info in the crunch... or a new digest with info. Even a hey, this is what we have so far, take a look at this video of a dung beetle play through.
  13. Fun server... no name, PVP? PVE? What map, Island, Center, or SE? Or one of the other maps on the workshop? What mods are you running?
  14. Are they fertilized?
  15. After logging in and not only finding that I had glitched away from the place I had logged off in, but also INTO an adobe behemoth gate frame, I started logging out on the ground. Built a nice location that was surrounded with walls and no foundations. Just ceilings pillars and walls. 2x3 room. People can't get to the bodies, and since I started logging there, not once have me or my friend woke up elsewhere int he base. This is on SE. On the Island, I also was having trouble with getting stuck in the floor. took the second time getting stuck that I moved to a spot under the base. I have a spot that makes a great log off spot.