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  1. How many new servers will be added?

    I would like to see a list of servers they are closing down. I have a feeling the SE server 757 will be closing. Does not seem like there are many people on that one.
  2. Gas nerf - center - xbox

    I would like to know why they changed the rates. Just a dumb change.
  3. What Color Combo Do Yall Use?

    Depends on what I am wearing. For some reason when I am wearing flak, I prefer orange for all the metal parts Makes it look like it is copper. And black for the hide parts. As for cloth and hide, I like to use forest green and black. Even though I have problems with seeing greens and reds... I do that for the camo kind of thing. Just looks better in a jungle setting to wear colours that blend in. On SE, the desert cloth is navy blue and brick red I think. I wanted to stand out there. My fur set is white fur with black leather, I think I did them metal parts in orange for the copper look.
  4. Beacon Loot table Update, via DevKit.

    Thaks for the info. Gives me a reason to go for those green and blue drops.
  5. Why do you do this, WC?

    Maybe after the game gets released they will setting into a patch on tuesday kind of thing. As it is, we just have to wait.
  6. WC Hates color blind people?

    Oh thank you! I have trouble with red and green. but being able to change to a lighter background is wonderful!
  7. V264.....- Removed underwater fog

    It also sometimes rains through sloped ceilings.
  8. Stone dissapearing

    Official? Unofficial? If unofficial what mods are installed? Also, if it is official, post this in the bugs section.
  9. They said they are working to fix it. The new servers SHOULD have protection from that kind of thing.
  10. worth have a golem in PvE server?

    30 seconds?! There must be something wrong with yours. Mine poop every step. Hit a rock poop. Sometimes double poop.
  11. worth have a golem in PvE server?

    Golems only gather stone and obsidian. Ankylo is for metal. Go ahead and get a golem. I enjoy them more than a doed. Don't have a weight reduction, but I still prefer them.
  12. Never wear the stuff myself, sucks that it is getting nerfed though. Combine this with the karaku being limited to the icebergs.... Which people on PVE 374 have built on. Just makes ghillie suits something I won't be using. And yes, I am aware of the ducks. Don't see many of them on that server.
  13. Where my egg?

    Some people say they are playing single when they mean alone on a multiplayer map. Figured I would cover that in case that is what he meant.
  14. Scorched Earth

    If you want a quick death, build your base out of metal. Stone is going to kill you, just not as fast.
  15. Where my egg?

    Are you playing single player IE you are alone in the world? Or are you playing on a server with other people by yourself? If you are in your own game session then all progress should have stopped when you logged off. If you are on an online server, then the game continues when you are off.