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  1. As someone said, why would you find something that takes 10X longer fun?
  2. Dude, I work as a janitor. You are preachin to the choir.
  3. I totally agree. Been playing WoW since april of 05. I have seen so many nerfs that hit the pVE side so hard. I just don't understand why devs can't have a rule set that is, if the ability/weapons hits a -player it does XXXX. If it hits an NPC it does YYYY. Instead they do nerfs.
  4. I have been saying that for years.
  5. As I have said in other threads, these things have an affinity for stealing the pants right off me. I have chased them through the woods at night to get my pants back. Only thing they steal from my is my pants though.
  6. I have always built on the platform with 4 foundations. A 2X2 then from the back of the last two put down three ramps on each of them. Reaches the ground. Out to the sides I place ceilings. You can place 4 ceilings in a row down the sides of the foundations. two next to the foundation and then one to the front next to where you sit, and another next to the ramp. The ones in the back are optional.
  7. It works. Had that happen to me with a beaver. Thing fell off the quetzal and someone boxed him in. I just parked a bronto nearby and had the beaver follow the bronto. After about 5 days it glitched through the wall and I took him home.
  8. Once we had to retame a bunch of scorpions because we had 12 males after a patch. Some reason they switched. Also had ankylos change genders. Every so often I find an egg under my male quetzal on the island server I play.
  9. If they are running on SE they will break down until they demolish. They are fine if they are not on.
  10. I would not be surprised if someone tries that.
  11. I have encountered one and that one pulled me off my wyvern nd then killed me. Flew back on my lightning and shot it three times with lightning to the face and it ignored me. Ended up biting it to death. So much trouble from a level 15.
  12. Playing on PVE I have HP at 300, so I can survive a fall or a surprise attack. fort at 30, Not sure if this really does anything I have mixed results. And weight is the rest of the points. I like to be able to make as few trips back and forth when building/unloading things. One of the old tribe mates thought I was dumb for putting points in weight. You should put it in oxygen... Why? I don't go in the water, and he also put points in melee... and never fought anything without a mount. *shrugs*
  13. I prefer the fire because I... like fire. Setting things on fire makes me happy. As for it being better? Like someone said, people hatch good ones and they hatch bad ones.
  14. I called them the phiomias of the desert. I always laugh at the camelsaurus. That thing looks like it is in pain. Stop eating cactus and maybe it won't hurt so much!