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  1. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    I don't think the 500 dino limit the problem ...think it just lag servers in general(I know for sure 4 other lag servers are also dino cap)
  2. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Our server PVE 168 hit Dino cap and I was wondering will they be deploying extra servers? Heard the Dino Cap on all Rag servers is 1/3 of the island and the center... Is there any truth to that(I know almost every Rag server is Dino Cap?)
  3. How do I report a GM

    I would like to report GM Fury for failing to show up to the appointment 2 times and not willing to fast track my 3rd appointment (the first appointment I had took 23+days and the 2nd appointment 20 days) now i cant meet him until Nov 11th (I really just want to get another GM) Both times he said he had personal reasons after 2 days later I'm not even making this up I reported my ticket the 2week of Launch of Ragnarok (if someone needs my ticket number msg me) I know this isn't normal and I just want to report the bad Customer support and get another GM
  4. Backpack

    I support your idea 😍 Somebody form Wild Card needs to Implement this idea ASAP
  5. PVE 428 Server Down

    Who dropped the ball this time?
  6. PVE 428 Server Down

    can someone remove this post
  7. PvE is not PvP.

    DILO you thinking Ark!!! (This is the worst thing yall could have done besides beating a blind kid up) This is another example of the developers not testing their poop and them rushing it out>_<
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Q.1) Will you ever add in breeding for aquatic animals? Q.2) I noticed that the Training Dummy doesnt show range damage or lingering damage at all...can yall fix this? I play on the Xbox One
  9. Can yall put in gather wood or stone ,ect... only?