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  1. ZekeMorales

    Blind eyes that been turned to often

    I'm sure raising the Dino Cap by 2xs would do something to help but your right we can't help ppls greed. I'm sure anybody can go to another server and forget about the problem. Your way of thinking is what is cancers which lead to this epidemic across many server's I believe taking steps in raising dino or taking dino cap off completely would help. 70 tribes x 500 tames =35,000 dinos Wild Card has really undervalued the 5,000 dino limit per servers and really need to do something about this issue
  2. What are y'all going to do to fix the fast growing dino servers capped epidemic ? When I say All Xbox Rag servers have hit Dino server capped many of times its like EVERY server. Does Xbox Rag servers have lower dino server capped then the island ? Our server 168 first hit server dino cap the 2nd week of all the new officials servers launching lol What would y'all do to fix this issue and is it possible to raise the Dino SERVER cap by 2 times on all servers (We can't mate,raise,tame anything for this V Day or get Fertilize eggs with a 5% chance of Chocolate) I just wish this issue would have been address b4 all these events.
  3. ZekeMorales

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    I don't think the 500 dino limit the problem ...think it just lag servers in general(I know for sure 4 other lag servers are also dino cap)
  4. ZekeMorales

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Our server PVE 168 hit Dino cap and I was wondering will they be deploying extra servers? Heard the Dino Cap on all Rag servers is 1/3 of the island and the center... Is there any truth to that(I know almost every Rag server is Dino Cap?)
  5. ZekeMorales

    How do I report a GM

    I would like to report GM Fury for failing to show up to the appointment 2 times and not willing to fast track my 3rd appointment (the first appointment I had took 23+days and the 2nd appointment 20 days) now i cant meet him until Nov 11th (I really just want to get another GM) Both times he said he had personal reasons after 2 days later I'm not even making this up I reported my ticket the 2week of Launch of Ragnarok (if someone needs my ticket number msg me) I know this isn't normal and I just want to report the bad Customer support and get another GM