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  1. Looks like the guys at CloudFlare got it all figured out now. I've been playing for over an hour now.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem today. I hope they add a day or two onto the Halloween event to make up for lost time.
  3. I've been playing on Valguero, Crystal Isles, and Genesis all weekend. The event is enabled on all 3 maps. No skeleton dinos seen on any of the servers. No Scarecrows on any of the servers. No Graves seen on any of the servers. Only 4 pumpkins collected on Genesis server in the Volcano Biome. No pumpkins on CI or Val.
  4. I never use glider wings.
  5. Pretty tough to sacrifice them when the Bloodstalkers can't pick anything off the ground anymore.
  6. Wrong, it's a bug. I've been playing this game for over 8,000 hours. I know a bug when I see one. There isn't anything in the way of the web and I make sure not to struggle at all. It happens all the time. They can't pick anything off the ground anymore.
  7. Sure would be nice if WC would fix this bug. It's been going on for over 3 months now and it's a major bug on their latest pay DLC. Could we please get some action on this?
  8. After I make my own beehive I never use the Dire Bear again. Thyla's I use all the time. They're just so versatile. Strong fighters, Quick, and can climb anything, They are great for maneuvering while building your base, especially up high.
  9. These last 2 patches really de-stabilized the game.
  10. This error has been happening allot lately. On every map I play on. Genesis, Valguero, and CI. First thing I did was verify my files integrity. All my files are good. It keeps happening.
  11. I lost a Giga transporting via HLNA from the Bog Biome to the Volcano (east location) Biome Did you find your dino near (50,50) ? On other maps lost dinos sometimes reappeared near (50,50) for some reason. I think the ocean Biome actually is the closest to 50,50. *update* I checked every Island in the Ocean Biome for my lost Giga but found nothing. I'm guessing it's either under the mesh in the Bog or under the mesh in the Volcano. All I know for sure is that it's still alive somewhere. I just don't know where
  12. I think most Americans love everybody regardless of what color they are. I judge everyone by their character not their skin color. It doesn't matter what "side" we're all on, we just can't throw sanity out the window and allow the whole nation to be destroyed because we are mad.
  13. Yeah, this is what the community was missing. Lets pour a little race baiting and race flaming onto this fire....lol
  14. Are you new here? The Ark community prides itself on being the most toxic on the planet.
  15. Trying to point that out to anyone on the left is like trying to explain concepts of astro-physics to a mouse. It might be as simple as water is wet to you but they'll just never get it.
  16. Allow element transfer on unofficial PvE Please consider allowing element transfers on unofficial PvE servers not just element dust.
  17. Yeah, now all we need is a couple of mate boosted Giga's with 973% Melee... ?
  18. No. It seems fixed now. ?
  19. Creature disappeared while in taming pen I was taming a Spino in Genesis and had it trapped in a series of Stone Gateways and was about to start tranqing it when it glitched out of existence. Possibly thru the ground. I've tamed a ton of them this way lately and throughout the years but tonight was the 1st time this has ever happened. Is it possible that patch 310.67 might have caused this? Specifically - [Fixed multiple exploits that allowed you to stack creatures on top of each other]
  20. Multiple Server Disconnects on Spino only On Genesis I am getting multiple server disconnects while riding around on a Spinos in the Ocean Biome. It only happens when I'm riding a riding a Spino for some reason. The server stays up and my home internet stays up, but I disconnect. I'm playing on an unofficial server with only 3 mods: Super Structures, Awesome Spyglass, and HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 V310. Is this happening to anyone else? ps. This isn't related to the topic you moved my previous post into so please leave this one be Moderator.
  21. ok...Thank You! I'll pass the info on to the server owner.
  22. Z0mbie

    Giant Bee Hives

    Oh, I can get to them. They just shouldn't be that high or that much trouble.
  23. Z0mbie

    Giant Bee Hives

    I'm guessing you haven't played Genesis yet because the hives in Genesis are a LOT higher than on all the other maps.
  24. Yeah, but I don't run the server. Isn't there some modder out there that can look at the open source and fix it? All other bugs with S+ can be ignored and just played thru but this green ring thing is ridiculous.
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