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  1. Our cluster of servers runs every map. Gen2 was the only one destroyed.
  2. Well, it totally destroyed our Gen2 server including all backups so I lost EVERYTHING. Bye bye years of breeding..... Thanks WC nice minor update!
  3. Nitrado has really turned into a bush-league company. After days of non-functioning servers they finally updated 2 of our servers and left 2 not updated yesterday. I'd really like to know what in the heck is going on over there.
  4. Something is seriously messed up with the game now. I can't even log into private servers now. It just says failure to connect and bombs out but yet it shows I'm logged onto the server on Battlemetrics. C'mon guys. This is not acceptable.
  5. Anyone else experiencing random player crashes since the Easter patch was applied? Heck I even had one just laying in my Tek Bed.
  6. I think most Americans love everybody regardless of what color they are. I judge everyone by their character not their skin color. It doesn't matter what "side" we're all on, we just can't throw sanity out the window and allow the whole nation to be destroyed because we are mad.
  7. Yeah, this is what the community was missing. Lets pour a little race baiting and race flaming onto this fire....lol
  8. Are you new here? The Ark community prides itself on being the most toxic on the planet.
  9. Trying to point that out to anyone on the left is like trying to explain concepts of astro-physics to a mouse. It might be as simple as water is wet to you but they'll just never get it.
  10. Yeah, I'm actually enjoying the Raptor apocalypse on Valguero. It's pretty funny... No matter how many I eat they just keep coming...lol....Wheeeeeeeeee!
  11. Hey thanks! Yeah this will be my 4th one. I always liked the Easter event.
  12. I agree Purple and Blue was the best color event ever! Still love all color events thO.
  13. Awesomeness.....I love color dino events!!!!
  14. [BUG] - Mistletoe and Coal disappear with server restart. It's happened every day on server backup and just happened with the latest server crash. Private server.
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