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  1. rock drake would be enough. Shotgun just have better dmg so its faster. U can hit it without taking damage if space correctly
  2. effective in pvp. In pve wild is ok upd. They have huge stats
  3. wild is enough actually
  4. u can use megalos tho. Easier to bait and higher damage
  5. play rag then Also this topic just going nowhere
  6. U cant get direct proofs
  7. Yep. Unmounted dinos shred by gigas theriz and velos tho
  8. git high hp trikes, stegos, gasbags, rock elems and breed
  9. On abberation map only 1 creature lays extra large eggs: Basilisk. Good job
  10. That is exactly better cuz he put more hrs to git his stuff and so on
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