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  1. Baton

    Ark resource prices PVE (Question)

    You may search in trading forums for prices of other tribes and choose the price u like the most, then try to trade like that, most of them are adequate and fair
  2. *heart* buff from m+f increases egg laying rate so u should have 1m atleast
  3. Baton

    FUture of Ark

    Strange ad for conan and sod2😓😓
  4. Baton

    Polymer vs Organic Polymer

    Try moschops leveled in poly gather, build outpost in highlands on ragnarök and bring him mantis
  5. Baton

    Plesiosaur Leveling

    I wont do a fighter plesi, they suck pretty much. 10k hp should be enuf
  6. Baton

    Megatherium vs Broodmother Linksys

    I said smth wrong? Im talking about megatheriums
  7. Baton

    Megatherium vs Broodmother Linksys

    Yeh u just do 19 megas and ride yuty spam buff and ure ok, still few megas will die but they arent that hard tame/breed
  8. Baton

    base locations pvp solo

    Somewhere near icy fortress, there are penguins and metal oil on top
  9. Baton

    What is the best way to get pearls

    1000 u wanted to type 10000? 😁
  10. Baton

    Megatherium vs Broodmother Linksys

    Its true, even medium-stat megas with medium saddles can take down brood pretty easy
  11. Baton

    Fast way to get from 90 to 100?

    Alpha hunt with notes and exp soup + grinding will make it fast
  12. 50 hp is almost nothing, better lower fort and add those to speed or w8 since armour weights more now
  13. Baton

    question about melee stat

    Just go for ms and w8, argy is easily tamed that is op now comboed with anky
  14. Baton

    Stat Points

    its means it rolled 48 levels (not leveled by you) in health, thats a decent number tho
  15. Baton

    Dinos griefing on 210

    Tame big dinos and park near their gates