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  1. Structures +

    Moding isnt about playing games
  2. Saddle armor limit?

    Yes, there is limit, applies on server restart
  3. The Island - Swamp Cave

    Deers for good aoe
  4. Greenhouses

    Do 3x3x2 greenhouse and place 16 med crop plots there
  5. Suicide Rafts - Solution

    u cant attach to enemy raft, but can to urs
  6. What to Level Up?

    speed = strength
  7. Ascendant saddles

    got asc allo saddles and bps in water caves
  8. Pillars Problem

    12 hrs. But u trick this by placing ladder on pillar
  9. What to Level Up?

    172% ms, 200 stam, 300 w8
  10. Stagos OP?

    Try grabbing them with wyvern
  11. Suicide Rafts - Solution

    Ehm, raider will need just 1 more c4 raft
  12. Leveling up dinos solo

    Just kill everything, look for alphas
  13. Leveling up dinos solo

    U need to be duo for this