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  1. Not Enough Free disk space

    i have bit different problem but similar: it reserves space to full on all disks but not where game is installed (/C:)
  2. Flying baby argy??

    I had bunch of argies that hatched under ceiling and flied up
  3. Nomadic Lifestyle

    there are no ways to play solo without being wiped often, maybe try unofficial with ultra-high rates and fun mods, gave me more hrs of fun gameplay before i quit )
  4. Nomadic Lifestyle

    I did lot of solo gaming on official
  5. Phiomas are OP

    I used them to raid newb bases with all turrets set on players only by placing c4 on its ass
  6. Nomadic Lifestyle

    @RussMaster ure new to multiplayer ark arent you?
  7. Nomadic Lifestyle

    I dont see any advantages for solos (but stat boosting which is ultra imba) in ur suggestions
  8. You just have to explore new building ways, not only large boxes with turrets on it
  9. I usually had: Login Lag Feed lag dinos lag Drop lag egg lag Tame lag cap lag Lag Logout
  10. The Future of Flyers

    tape has 1120 base ms while argie has 1350
  11. What's your main land mount?

    bary / thyla, frog in early
  12. Artifact of the Massive

    Did with 4k hp 500% dmg deer with 74 armor saddle ez
  13. Is this computer good enough to run Ark?

    change videocard to newer and u can play it
  14. Make untamable creatues tameable

    Yeah, wanna see epic big spider tame (i know it isnt insect exactly, also araneo sucks)to scare my arachnafobia mates
  15. Boss fight cooldown timer?

    Just a bug