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  1. Baton

    Gryphon Taming

    Its very accurate to seconds so u should bring some extra just becuz u fail timings and stuff
  2. Baton

    Any Ideas On How To Stop A Spam Builder

    Any force has counterforce
  3. Baton

    Any Ideas On How To Stop A Spam Builder

    Block him with ur structures
  4. Baton

    Nitrado melee stat cap?

    400 melee is an ultra high stat roll which is rare
  5. Baton

    Stat Cap

    Just dont do over 255 lvls in one stat, its like engine restriction
  6. Baton

    About the tame cap

    U pay for the game and then pay again to play it smooth feelsbadman
  7. It could grab alpha mosa
  8. Baton

    Tek Cave/Overseer

    20 players 50 tames last time we did it, but it was quite long time ago
  9. Baton

    Best PVP Island Spot for Base 2018

    A plato near green ob (someone calls it snail) pretty big. But need lot of people and hrs to build there
  10. Baton

    WOW Caverns of Lost Hope!!!

    Use cactus soup and bug repellent go on foot no need fot dino. Especially on off servers
  11. Baton


    The problem is engine 😛
  12. Baton

    Best fishing spots on Ragnarok?

    A lake in snowy land near sequoia forest and highlands
  13. Ez water cave is the best, u can loot it every 30 mins with no big treats from pve stuff
  14. Baton

    Good stats for tamed pachyrino

    Health very low, get atleast 3k