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  1. 0.6.4 Release because i broke the players command Changelog Fixed broken players command players command can now detect LocalPlayer.arkprofile Hibernation support for debug commands @Arksanity It was supposed to work with lowercase too, but... yeah. @Mavrick You can get a list of classes from the save by using the classes command (with "--pretty" option if you don't want to get a wall of text). And i recommend using "--without-references" with the export command, otherwise you will get the container of the item too... and everything connected to it. This could export a whole base if any item is contained in e.g. a refridgerator.
  2. 0.6.3 is out Changelog Important fixes for cluster and LocalProfile files, can affect map-saves too (I made a typo about 4 months ago, causing some properties to be written as Int8Property instead of ByteProperty) Command export can now select objects by class (e.G. PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_Wyvern_Fertilized_Poison_C for green wyvern eggs) Added switches --without-references and --without-components to export command (use --without-references for items, unless you want the whole base too) Command import is now able to import items into cluster files and into the LocalProfile (with caveats, items will lose durability if you exported them from a map) Command modify is now able to mass-delete objects in maps, cluster and LocalProfile files All creature commands, the tribe command and db command are now aware of hibernation Improved detection of all object types, no longer based on their class name @Darkblood It's now possible to delete things by using the modify command with a modification file. Documentation on the format can be found here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/wiki/Modification-File @Arksanity I think you managed to trip every bug i had in there. Warnings should be gone with the new version and --file-format is no longer case sensitive. @Mavrick Thanks to your suggestion it's now possible, eggs can be exported with the export command (one class at a time for now), then imported into a cluster file. Note that they will be at 99% of hatching already done, because the map saves the durability (which is used for the progress) as a percentage, while the cluster saves the absolute value. It's (not yet) possible to convert from percentage to durability because that would require a database of max durability values and other things.
  3. Double Release: 0.6.1 Added missing DinoAncestor writers Added names of ancestors Added Polar Bear, Ragnarok Fire Wyvern and Ice Wyvern to the list of creatures (auto-detection fail) Added --non-player switch to tribes command Fixed lat and lon values for creatures, players and structures 0.6.2 Added support for dropped items, making --non-player actually useful Renamed --non-player to --non-players (the old name will still work) Id of main inventory is now myInventoryComponent for all object types (only useful if you are using the db command) @Darkblood I was going to comment on that... right when WC was applying updates to this site. Then some problem with the 0.6.1 release came up and i forgot to implement the stuff needed for your problem. Which means it's going to come with 0.6.3. So yeah, while the modify command is intended to mass delete stuff by class/type, it's not yet implemented.
  4. Next planned updates/Roadmap: 0.6.1 Fix for missing ancestor writer, include names of ancestors 0.7.0 Breaking change of xToJson formats (again), improved support for native array properties (properties which may or may not be ArrayProperty but still contain multiple values) Fix for objects in the hibernation section being ignored by all commands Implement missing stuff to make the database system useful (e.G. json driver should be able to write data to multiple files, skip refreshing files without changes, implement missing support for cluster directory) Add more things to the modify command Improved detection of creatures
  5. 0.6.0 Release! Changelog: Added (still incomplete) Database driver system Replaced javax.json with Jackson, massive performance improvements for mapToJson command (other commands benefit too) Adjustments to the names of some fields Increased amount of gathered data for all commands Allow parallel processing for players, tribes and cluster commands Amount of parallelism can no be controlled via --thread-count, defaults to the number of cores available to the JVM Full support for version 7 to 9 savegames, version 4 local player profile and version 4 cluster storage New options for some commands, "--write-all-fields" can now be used almost everywhere New option "--allow-broken-file" for xToJson commands will try to salvage as much data from broken files as possible
  6. Just did the first successful conversion of a Version 9 save to json and back to binary. The next version will also contain support for the Version 4 Local Profile and Version 4 Cloud Inventory format. I'm now in the process of ditching the current json library and will replace it with Jackson. I had already done that on a local branch in the past, which caused the mapToJson command to be up to 2 orders of magnitude faster than before. Still need to write new code to read the JSON back in. @TeaKettle If you send me the file then I'll take a look.
  7. Been very busy again with work. And that might happen again. Anyway: New regular and preview versions are available. https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases/tag/0.5.4 0.5.4 Changelog: Contributions by ZokRadonh from GitHub: Added tamedIneffectivenessModifier and DinoAncestor to tamed creature output read-only support for V8 and V9 map-saves https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases/tag/0.6.0-preview2 0.6.0-preview2 Changelog: read-only support for V8 and V9 map-saves Some new options: --allow-broken-file for mapToJson command, tries to get as much data as possible from broken map-saves Improved DataCollector performance, allow reading files in parallel Known broken stuff: Version 7 to 9 map-saves are read-only Potentially missing some dinos for singleplayer and non-dedicated hosts Clusterfiles aka CloudInventory is now on Version 4 Fun fact: ark-tools m2j Z:\path\to\DnL\Saved\SavedDnLLocal\DNL_ALL.dnl Z:\path\to\DnL\Saved\SavedDnLLocal\DNL_ALL.json --pretty Above command works with Dark and Light saves, converting them to the usual .json representation. They are using the (almost) ancient Version 5 format.
  8. It seems that, unless that upload is broken, your save is broken. The last object with readable properties is 63139 (some charcoal), everything after that (79852 Objects) lost all it's properties. And i have no idea what that forge id is supposed to be, looks like a player id to me.
  9. @Diahard1000 It's possible to remove objects from the save, but it has to be done manually for now. Meaning you would have to convert the save to json, edit the object out and convert it back (using version 6 format because version 7 cannot be written yet). If you send me the file and infos about the crash and the object i could have a look.
  10. It's not a new release yet so... let's call it a preview. You can get that here: https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/releases/tag/0.6.0-preview Noteable changes are the two new commands db-drivers: prints a list of detected database drivers and all possible parameters db first parameter is the path to the map save (e.g. TheIsland.ark) second parameter is a path or uri where the driver should write everything to third parameter is optional, not yet implemented and a path to the cluster directory drivers can recieve additional options via --param and/or --config the param --config should point to a .json file containing an object, with each key-value pair being sent to the driver as parameters --config is applied before --param, i.e. --param overrides --config settings There is one driver integrated into this preview, with the name "json". Using this driver will write a huge JSON file with all info combined (creatures, inventories, items, players, structures, tribes). Check db-drivers for params of "json", you can change the order of fields, remove fields from getting written at all and make the output explode by writing fields even if they contain nothing or default values.
  11. @Shadowmage45 I don't mind at all, creating a GUI for ark-tools is currently at the end of the list of planned things. Not sure if this will happen for 1.0.0 or later. And a small PSA: 0.6.0 will probably release today (CEST) and the first external database driver will be for MySQL/MariaDB
  12. Aaaand thanks to 259.0 we have a new release, 0.5.3 Changelog: Experimental support for new savegame format version 7
  13. This time it's fixed for sure with the release of 0.5.2 Changelog Fixed NPE in modify command Fixed handling of high (>32767) itemStatValues for all item printing commands (so you can see the results of the example modify command)
  14. New Release 0.5.1 is out. Changelog: Added support for new v3 cluster data format Added LatLong data for Ragnarok and TheVolcano Added type name for uploaded dinos, moved dino data to "data" attribute @MaeL The support for v3 cluster might fix the modify command, haven't tested that yet. @CryonX Could you list the steps that you used to modify the dino? Also all stat changes can revert at any time if they are done on the live stats, instead of on the tamed and wild levelups.
  15. Will be fixed for the next release and I'll try to include as many new fields to change as i can find.
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