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  1. I laugh every time I see someone cry about hatchframes..the entire quetz is exposed from every direction but the top.
  2. It's time to adjust Prime Prime meat hasn't been a challenge to anyone for years...it's mostly an annoyance during 2x meat runs.. make prime stack...I'm not greedy..a 5 or 10 stack would do wonders to my sanity at 4 am.
  3. Add some looping dance animations And maybe an old school boom box that plays some funky tunes.. allow it to be equipped while riding dinos to spice up those meat runs.
  4. Fear was amazing...I can still hear the theme music to this day.. Raptor claus...for all the bickering he caused was very fun. No Turkeys..just....no.. unless you replace one of the bosses and we can fight a broodmother sized Gobblesaurus for our unlocks and element. FREE BOSS weekend...where ALL bosses cost nothing to run. This event may cause some good tribe wars....but I'm sure it would smooth out once people had to heal their boss army. I use to really like farming for the event skins, but once WC allowed them to be obtained year round by collecting notes farming them during the event became pointless. The new color/speed changing candy is a fun addition to the game...more please. Maybe a candy that randomly changes all dino stats the way the color zones are. Make them look like the stats on a Mek BP.
  5. Replace Spino sails tribute for island Megapithecus Or at least raise the element payout significantly. It's one of the easiest alpha bosses to beat, but the biggest pain to prep for when intending to do multiple runs. Yes I know how to force spawn spinos...still...not fun.
  6. ZombieDinos

    Unicorn TLC

    Please give the unicorn a glide mechanic similar to a Managarmr and while boosting, a rainbow shoots out it's butt.
  7. I'd like to be able to put an implant in a trophy base and have it spin like an artifact with the owners name floating above it.
  8. If not a mutation allow us to paint non metal objects chrome. Who doesn't want a T1000 dino to run around on?
  9. Just jump in a puddle and log out or punch a turtle and stand reeeal still for like 30 seconds..no body to lock up.
  10. This use to be a thing...why was it changed? Please go back to removing pacifier upon 100% imprint.
  11. Like the idea.. just an FYI.. if you place a dino leash on medium range it's only one foundation smaller than the tek troughs range. Place a DL directly center of your TTs and you have a big red circle showing you, and locking dinos well within, feeding range.
  12. I've had that for years.. it'd far more convenient and can be used in a lot more ways than a giant flying snail. If WC can make, not one...but TWO dinos that heal everything within range and another that rapidly heals itself...why not add a dino that can feed.
  13. I would like to see a rideable dino <preferably a flyer> that has the same function as a feeding trough.. Behavior option....... Feed - Tribe and Ally only Feed - All <feeds any tamed dino in range regardless of ownership>
  14. #5 all the way...I decided to create a new character for each server I'm on because transfering is a game of Russian roulette..it would be amazing to have imprint across all my maps instead of reraising the same poop for each character.
  15. I know players that have had cryo dino stolen off them....not cool.one was a giga too..was not recovered.. remove them!
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