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  1. [US] KEB Gaming: Ragnarok PvP---Discord

    I've always wanted to play this kind of style of pvp Ark! . Can't wait!
  2. Be sure to say hi to Senior Hernandez for Taco Tuesdays! If you build a border wall, I will just grapple over it! And I will Not Pay for it!
  3. These settings are just perfect for this type of server. Keep it up!
  4. What is this Flea Market you speak of, oh great and wise one?
  5. Oh man, this is going to be epic. Old fashioned hand to hand combat. No hiding behind your tames! Plenty of space available...come join the fun!

    Hi Beetlejuuse, We actually just started a No Tame server on the Center. Slightly more boosted than official. Plenty of spaces still open to claim too. Check out our post and invite your friends!
  7. Looking for a great No Tame Server on Center

    Great question WayToGnarly. The no Tame Officials are pretty much 100% full all day long. Also the settings on the officials really needed a bit of a tweaking as they usually do. Our rates are slightly higher, also we eliminated clubs. I have experienced first hand how OP they are on the officials. You have level 1-5 noobs running around naked with clubs knocking out dudes with flak at high levels with just 1-2 hits, depending on their melee stat. This is absolutely unbalanced and makes the game annoying.
  8. Hey guys, anybody know of a good No Tame server that is on the Center? This type of play style is awesome and the officials are always full.
  9. Superman is one hell of an admin.That guy would sell his kidney to a complete stranger to make sure they were happy on this server!
  10. Was flying around the land bridge on the west edge of the map. I noticed the server has built an awesome events site. Looking forward to getting involved in the events that will be held there!
  11. Plenty of open space to build. Rates are boosted for another week or so. Everyone is very chill and friendly. Server events will be starting up soon as well!
  12. Man the dodo fighting was really fun the other day! These events are awesome! Shout out to Parrish, he's my BAE!
  13. Word on the street is the trading post is coming soon! --floki