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  1. Valguero needs serious consideration as an official map, it looks fantastic.
  2. I completely agree with you. I'm an avid Wildcard supporter. I was just a little ticked off in the moment as I've been waiting for crossplay over 2 years at this point.
  3. Great! ANOTHER Play Anywhere delay! Please don't bring your already disappointing delays forward, only to buggar it up and disappoint us once more by delaying it again. C'mon guys, surely you aren't this incompetent!
  4. I am usually very positive and forgiving of Wildcard, especially when it comes to release dates. I understand that development, windows, and issues always tend to arise and delay things. But we have been waiting for Crossplay for over a year now. And to be just 3 days from release for the delay to be announced... it hurts. It may be wise to think twice about posting release dates all over the place when that date being met relies on console certification process, I think it has been proved time and time again that it just won't make release dates half of the time. I do hope it isn't delayed again.
  5. If there aren't any certification issues, and the play anywhere finally launches on December 12th as stated, then I wont need Christmas - it['ll have come early!
  6. Win 10 and Xbox can crossplay and share DLC. The Steam version is a completely separate entity. If you don't have Scorched Earth on Xbox/Win 10, only on Steam then to play SE on Xbox/Win10 you will need to buy it again.
  7. I think you're stuck in the Legacy Server Cluster. I do not believe it is possible to transfer from Legacy to a new server, the new servers are all fresh for the influx of new players upon launch. They don't want already established players on there from Day One.
  8. So is all the Windows 10/Xbox Crossplay Stuff coming on August 29th or Mid-September? I'm talking hosting a server on Windows 10 version then playing it on the Xbox. If anyone could answer I would appreciate it
  9. Looks pretty damn nifty, looking forward to playing with this one! Just as soon as those Windows 10/Xbox One crossover servers are up and running
  10. Cmon man, you're Bob Ross, you just gotta try a little harder and use building pieces in ways the devs may not have intended: Use a ramp as a roof or a doorframe as a large window.
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