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  1. awesome, everything is good on my end, thanks so much for all your hard work super love this app!
  2. Aberrant sleepy has been having issues with health too. wild, tame, and bred, none can read the health. Just throwing this in for data purposes lol, super love your smart breeder app <3
  3. kitvor

    Tames Vanishing

    Guess I should add this is on an official server
  4. kitvor

    Tames Vanishing

    My tribe and our allied tribe have had tames just... vanish. No log, no deaths... just gone. One of our allies dismounted her megalosaurus and it just melted through the map floor and was gone. My tribemate dismounted his ravager and it just blinked out of existence. Again, nothing in the logs so there's nothing to show.
  5. kitvor

    Can't use ziplines (access point displacement)

    been having this issue too. very arbitrary, sometimes I can't get on a zipline but my tribemate can. we've been having this happen sometimes even with the crafted ziplines as well.
  6. just had this happen with a 125 mosa we kibble tamed... pops up in the log as tamed, and in under 10 seconds it's listed as auto-decayed. not tribe or server capped, and we were in render range hope we at least get our stuff back.
  7. kitvor


    Since WC likes to act like we should be able to solve our own problems, maybe giving us the tools to actually handle some would be great... Amazing how many tickets could be cut down on with a simple ignore feature like virtually every other MMO out there has. Come on WC, add an ignore feature already.
  8. do u trade on xbox??