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  1. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland80 has been capped on and off for a week now, def capped now thanks to x6

    Since WC likes to act like we should be able to solve our own problems, maybe giving us the tools to actually handle some would be great... Amazing how many tickets could be cut down on with a simple ignore feature like virtually every other MMO out there has. Come on WC, add an ignore feature already.
  3. was having a similar issue on the Island. Theri would do the harvest animation, the bushes would be "harvested" and vanish, but no fiber was collected.
  4. Oops I should add this is an official and non-legacy server
  5. Half of everything I breed gets dropped under the map. Originally I thought it was "low riding" animals (like beavers, megalania, otters, ect with bellies that drag on the ground) but now even my theri and brontos are doing it and their bums are nowhere near the ground. I've had issues with babies melting into foundations, but never falling through the map...
  6. can't pickup fertilized wyvern eggs

    stuck raising gigas even though I had no plan to at this moment because of this bug. so it's not just wyvern eggs super unpleasant bug, especially for us who trade/sell eggs and like to incubate them some before handing them off to the buyer.
  7. do u trade on xbox??


  8. I follow battlemetrics and 50 isn't just being listed as "offline" anymore, it's listed as "dead." can a dev maybe shed some light on what's going on here?? this is beyond ridiculous
  9. after 2 years you'd think a patch would go at least sort of smoothly lol. sadly, this is classic patch day. major patch = at least 24 hours of hell before they hotfix the steaming heap of dino dung they wanted to pass as an "update." 13+ hours late, too. That's also pretty standard.
  10. Disappearing Dino

    I've had this happen with beavers. I've only ever lost one beaver to a death. only one. the rest.... just poof. hope it's just a weird visual glitch and you find your rock ele, that's a really rough tame to just lose
  11. Pearls

    I like SE for pearls. you can run up and down the shallow water sources with a whip or poke around oasis in the dunes. pearls for days.
  12. Mantis I know have had this issue since SE was released... so it's been about a year now? lol, but we will still get other not really needed visual updates and fixes. I'd love to be able to park my mantis, griffs, and thylas inside with my other animals instead of treating them like exiles to live outside >_<
  13. NA-PVE-Ragnarok50

    Been watching this site: Nearly 20 hours of this server being unplayable. I think it's time devs acknowledge there's an issue and that they're going to do (or are at at least trying to do) something to fix this I'd really love to at least be able to get my breeding animals of this poophole server.
  14. How can people be so unsympathetic

    Official PvP servers suck because the bigger piece of dino dung you are, the bigger the rewards you get. WC will never do anything about this because that's how PvP works in a persistent world. They'd patched to take away obscenely unfair advantages, but at the end of the day... Welcome to ARK PvP. That's the game.
  15. Need a little info on eggs

    just keep checking every 45 minutes to an hour. always pick up and eat crappy eggs, will encourage faster respawning