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  1. We have an awesome community of players and are currently looking for more to join us. Our community pvp arena is now Finished! Come check it out!
  2. Abberation Cross Cluster server is now live!
  3. The pvp arena is almost complete! Come check it out!
  4. Extra Special Treasure Hunt this weekend!
  5. Still plenty of places to setup a base and join in on this fun community!
  6. New Nitrado Server is up and running! Come one come all!
  7. We had the exact same issue with our server. We had to completely wipe and delete the host Xbox saves and start over. I just wish WC would finally give us the option to backup our saves in case of issues like this. If they think they can actually fix these issues from ever happening they are living in a fantasy world DLC that someday they will charge us for. At least if we had the backup, then they wouldn't have to try and think of every possible scenario in which this could happen and we would all have peace of mind.
  8. Looking forward to a new beginning with you all on Ragnarok!
  9. We're all very excited to play Ragnarok! Hopefully this week. Hurry and Join our server today so you are ready to claim your spot.!
  10. Maturation is 3x currently. We may up it , if the community as a whole wants it.