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  1. We're all very excited to play Ragnarok! Hopefully this week. Hurry and Join our server today so you are ready to claim your spot.!
  2. Maturation is 3x currently. We may up it , if the community as a whole wants it.
  3. State of the ARK - Updates

    While I agree the official date should be more solid than a ETA. That doesn't mean it couldn't be delayed. It happens all the time to big game developers of major titles and yet we continue to buy them.
  4. Ragnarok coming soon! Join our server and be ready to grab your piece of Ark Paradise!
  5. If you are looking for an active server, this is it!! We're averaging 18-20 on the weekdays. Still plenty of land available. Come join the fun!
  6. Still plenty of awesome spots on this fresh map!
  7. Now is the Time!!! As of 6/1 the map has been reset. Reserve your space now!! We plan on keeping this map up and going for as long as we can.
  8. Only a certain pantsless admin
  9. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden treasure!
  10. Daily numbers are great, lots of fun to be had. Join now and claim your spot!
  11. Just saw your post. I will have the owner add your gamertag ASAP. Please join our discord where you can chat with the community. Even more important, read the rules and settings so you are not surprised by anything. Thanks!
  12. Currently averaging 17 on weeknights. Still plenty of places available, but we are adding more daily. Hurry while supplies last!