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  1. Toni, you are not correct in your statement about perfect tames. You can NOT perfect tame a Dino without kibble. Just look at the taming effectiveness once you start taming with prime. It goes Down! Can you get a decent tame with Prime? Hell Yeah...but not perfect! You will lose at least 3 or 4 levels on even the most easiest of tames. I can tell you for certainty that most..if not all of our tribes have been using kibble on our server. Especially for those Dinos they want great stats on. In fact we have a few tribes that are starting Kibble markets so that other tribes can get kibble for their taming needs. And yes we are completely killing the pointless grind of a 6 hour tame! Thank God! Also, the other day someone used a catapult on our server and it immediately crashed our server. It may work for you on other servers but it doesn't on ours.
  2. We just switched over the the Center on Regular on 10/15. Plenty of spaces available! There are no Alpha tribes and were all a really chill group of people.
  3. Sure, please add ArkatrazServer as a Xbox Live friend and send a message that you would like to join.
  4. The funniest video competition is extended until next week 10/03. Whoever sends the funniest game clip to WuceBrillis420 by that date, can win a flamethrower, fuel, and a Scorched Earth Sword Skin!
  5. Welcome to a BRAND NEW, No Tame Server on the Center!! ** Find more info on our website ** Our website: Are looking to try a totally new way to play ARK? Are you looking for some good PVP fun? No Tame Ark is a unique and fun way to PVP in ARK. To Join our server: 1. ) Sign up for discord 2. ) Send a message to our Owner/Admin superman2469 on Discord 3.) Add the GT: ArkatrazNoTame Our server is slightly more boosted than the official No Tame Servers so it wont feel like a grind. We have eliminated a few engrams such as rockets, auto turrets and clubs to make sure the PVP is well balanced. Admins are here to play the game and Admin Logging is on to ensure there is no abuse. Here are some of our rates (The multipliers are based off of current official rates) XP = 2x Harvest = 2.5x Difficulty = .2 Stats Per Level: Health = 1.5X, Stam = 1.5X, Weight = 2x, Damage= 2x, Speed = .5 Admins will only get involved when absolutely necessary and we only have a couple rules. No Structure Spamming No PVP at official Server Events or Server Locations
  6. Hey guys, our tribe has recently left a player dedicated server that decided they wanted to go to primitive plus when it comes out, do you guys plan on sticking with the center for a while?

    1. Squash


      I would stay on the center. I would want to stay just because I haven't explored the whole map yet. But as soon as that is done, I will probably switch to keep the game interesting. 

    2. cschofie


      Yeah, i want to stay too, plus there is much more map to be added with the next update in a couple weeks.   My question was more for the admins of this server.  Grognak, do you guys plan on sticking with the center, even though the temptation to switch to prim plus is out there?

    3. MadHattersServer


      Yea we will definitely be sticking with our current server. We may hold a vote in the upcoming months to see what everyone would rather do. 

      We may start a 2nd server in the future just for that.

      *We need everyones help so we can have another server. If possible please donate we would highly appreciate it.*