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  1. Steam ARK Price Raises

    I'm not sure why people are complaining since early access became a thing the idea was, get a game at a discount and not only help the dev finance the continued development of the game but also provide feedback and suggests which can help make the game better and have features you desire added. Well the moment they said they were having a retail release in, what 6 weeks after they announced it, that period of time was over and now it's basically just pre-orders that you don't need to wait to play. Before they gave the August date for release, people buying the game had no idea if or when the title would actually release, and were rewarded for taking the chance on it but why should those who wont buy early access but would buy it a once it's gone gold and is set for release get the benefit of the early access discount? It likely that had so many not bought early access to Ark over it's two+ years in early access it wouldn't be being released now, or at the very least the game that was released would have been far less ambitious and have far less content then the game we are not playing because of that I have no issue with all of them (well all of us) getting a steep discount and those who wouldn't risk it being expected to pay much more.
  2. I would be interested in the lore, but it needs to be made a little easier to get into, explore notes aren't a good idea to give all the lore through, instead we should get a major chunk of the lore when we start a character, or as you level up with explorer notes being used to fill in gaps, or answer questions that might arise.
  3. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    But at least WC got another $20 out of you, which is all they seem to care about. I don't want to hijack this thread, but paid dlc for an early access game with as many major bugs, and a total lack of optimization? Can you get any sleazier? Congrats WC, you've sunk to a new low!
  4. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    Our server is updated to 1.1 but I don't get the option for the Allo saddle in the beaver, I learned the engram specifically after reading here of the work around but for some reason it isn't working for us.
  5. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Yeah, good luck with that.
  6. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    All the plots were at 300% greenhouse effect before the patch and 0% after. I'll try moving the water lines to ground level as you suggest. We got the ramshackle pole BP (166% effectiveness) from fishing, but we were using a ramshackle pole (199% effectiveness) but I'm not sure if I got that pole from fishing or beacons, I fished with a normal pole and when night started I ran out of bait so I ran beacons until morning, so I could go out and find some leeches for their blood and I didn't notice the pole until I was back to fishing for awhile again so it could have came from either.
  7. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    Crop plots in greenhouse not getting any greenhouse bonus We got a BP for a ramshackle pole last night
  8. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    Oh okay, thanks. I originally thought it was simply limestone from before the patch that wasn't recognized.
  9. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    After getting rid of all our limestone yesterday, after our server patched to v245.988, I mined more for making brick and cement and it worked fine, but today when logging in that limestone is no longer usable, but when I went out and got some new limestone it works normally.
  10. Old Bug List - Xbox Specific Bugs Listed Only

    If I might ask, who is your server provider? Also our server has been rock solid, has anyone else had server stability issues since the patch?
  11. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Not sure about hateful, but you are certainly overly hostile. Firstly you assume Ced is making WC look bad, when in fact it's likely the opposite, since in all likelihood it was they who decided he needed to do the patching on xbox first, and it was also WC who didn't provide him access to the new dlc content before it was actually released so he could include it in the Prim+. If complexminded work is so bad, why do you want to play prim+ at all? I mean it's all his work after all.
  12. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Is this pre, or post, patch?
  13. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Let's just hope it still has a good player base by that time.
  14. Primitive Plus 1.1 Patch Notes

    Thank you, I just found the quote for my signature. Damn, it wont let me add it for some reason.