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  1. I think it's the Deinonychus, from the ARK: Additions.
  2. Bowen42997

    New Dinos

    I would like to see many new creatures in the ARK. There are a few that I really wish to see add in-game. Here is a creature I want to see: Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). I've always liked the Tasmanian Tiger and to see this creature in-game would be a dream come true.
  3. Top 5 creatures TLC I want: #5 Hyaenodon: I want it to look like the original model before they changed it to a modern day Hyena. #4 Brontosaurus: They should reduces the size by 25%, change the head and skin texture. Finally change the name to Apatosaurus, their both the same creature. It was thought that the Bronto and Apato were two separate animals, but was discovered that there was a mix up with the fossils. #3 Titanoboa: Increase the size by 25%-50%, remove the frill. Have a constricting attack like modern day Boas, Pythons and Anacondas. #2 Pachyrhinosaurus: Change the head to look more like the real thing. Increased size by 50%. #1 Triceratops: Change the Head to look more like the JP triceratops. Increased size by 50%.
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