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  1. It looks like the "Mating" and "Wandering" are switched or is it just me ? i have dung beatles on wander but in Ark Save Viewer it says its Mating and the cretures that are on Mating Says they are Wandering
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ca0QeYkzAwf61D-o1MJN-kiGW6CQefSG/view?usp=sharing i took the Main Savegamefile and packed it up with Winrar and uploaded it to my Google Drive hope it helps
  3. Im getting a Content Failed to Load when trying to setup version i use the savegamefile method and have tried linking it to the main ark save file and also tried the backup files but non of them want to load anyone else having issues with that ? Edit: I just tried version and that loads the content with no issues
  4. i dont know if it helps you allign the Co-ords of the structures but the highlighted structure on the list is the one im standing on ingame with the map overlay open to show the ingame co-ords hope it helps abit
  5. Those structures are placed on the small island above the snow (around 9 -39 ish) but the Co-ords listed on the Structure list match those on the dots so its a bit off again not a huge probmel at the moment i still just love that we can see what players have placed on our server again
  6. I dont think the Co-Ordinates are correct either they seem to be off to the seem to match what the map displays (the dots) also the Ally In Range seems abit off to haha but Thank You So much for getting this out so fast there might be bugs and alike but it still gives ud a great overview over everything
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