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  1. Can we get a fix for pvp when it comes to raids. Like you have to be active fully on a server for a month to raid, and not just come on and get off for a minute but a total of 730 hours. That would be nice, also hopefully there is a patch in the future where I can play on console rag, was going fine till the Tek Quetz came along. Don't understand why you guys couldn't just make an update each month for the skins that have to be unlocked by achievement for getting that month's tek skin. Also, minor note. Why did I get Operation Health done to me by you guys? I like the game when I can play it with other people.
  2. Oh cool. Sorry but I'm not getting a switch for this game. You lot still haven't fixed it on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Add the death barriers under the map and prevent raiding that causes those who don't have the numbers to defend against mega tribes that can fill ten different servers at once.
  3. So when are we going to get a patch to fix the lag? Or are we just not going to anything? It isn't that we need a new map and dinos, its that we need the current maps and servers fixed.
  4. Seeing as how we are not going to get a breeding event in the future, could they at least lower the times and make imprinting better on official servers.
  5. Hahaha, Welcome to Official servers on Xbox. Where the time and energy spent doesn't matter but how many times and different ways the game can screw you over.
  6. You aren't missing much. At least with the skins you have the options for colors. Then again you could always do what the game allows. Attack someone who has the skins, kill off their tames and wipe their whole base for the skins. Which is at least a reason compared to the countless trolls that come on servers for no reason other than to make people suffer.
  7. Yay, a Tek Parasaur. For those of you who didn't want to spend 2.99 for the skin. What a joke. I'm not going out to tame that, I didn't even tame any of the tek raptors. Lets see another 2x harvest, tame and exp weekend. Well that might be useful to tame squids to tame mosas because its something to do that isn't a breeding event. Also, I wouldn't call the patch a fix more like an increase of lag.
  8. It would be nice just to have a baby event once a month.
  9. Right and going out to tame another worthless Tek dino, a waste of exp weekend because of max level and lack of any inventory mechanic that allows for a quick transfer from two different inventories in less then ten seconds. What would be truly fun would to be playing on a game like ark that wasn't glitchy.
  10. Hey look another double harvest, tame and exp weekend. I would have been happier for a double baby event.
  11. Well I'm skipping this Tek Dino. Looking forward for the colors.
  12. So is the next Tek Dino going to be interesting like the giga, quetz, megaldon or mosa?
  13. Why can't we have breeding instead? That would be more useful than another taming event. Maybe even some more patches to fix a few things like the lag on Ragnarok.
  14. So when are consoles or for that matter the game ever going to be fixed? Between undermapping, the large lag spikes for no reason and disconnects out of the blue? Hey instead of a new map how about you fix the ones you have, instead of new skins how about new dinosaurs instead. Yeah, some mods would be nice for consoles considering that we don't get much at all.