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  1. PeerlessScarred

    Hey Guys & Gals

    Hey Drake, would love too! i'll add u on discord and add u on steam if u want to message me https://discord.gg/39RSgvp
  2. PeerlessScarred

    Hey Guys & Gals

    cwj12tlxpfks Im playing on an SE unofficial server pvp, and im planning on transferring to an official server once the tribes grown a bit more
  3. PeerlessScarred

    Recommend level for carnivores?

    I suggest making a pen in which you can run them into and trap them. Easily knocking them out without the fear of being killed. You can look up some of these methods on the internet to get ideas of how to. Bolas work well on smaller carnivores. But using the landscape such as big rocks that you can hope on to, or cliffs are useful to shoot down on the carnivore you are trying to tame, without it being able to reach you.
  4. Looking forwards to giving this server a go Sounds fair and enjoyable!
  5. PeerlessScarred

    When I log in it crashes my server and rolls back

    Hey! i was just looking at your post, and i could suggest unsubscribing to all mods and getting rid of them. I had a crashing issue and decided to get rid of my mods and it seemed to fix the problem. However, idk if this is the case for you... this seems like a bug or error of some sort. Hopefully this helps, if it doesn't im very sorry!
  6. PeerlessScarred

    Is Aberration Worth It?

    Thanks for the feedback guys Appreciate it, will certainly be adding Aberration asap.
  7. PeerlessScarred

    Is Aberration Worth It?

    Hey guys, So i was wondering if purchasing the Aberration DLC is worth doing? I know it's a broad question, but it'd be nice to hear other peoples opinions who have already played it and experienced it. Let me know below if Aberration is/is not worth it.
  8. PeerlessScarred

    Weird Love Story?

    haha! that stories too cute!! 💎💐 Hope it all works out for u
  9. PeerlessScarred

    Just got back, is this game doing fine?

    Hey, i just saw your post about getting back into ARK. And yea, the official servers are kinda hard to play on because of nasty Alphas and griefers However, the game is good, and if you want to enjoy yourself and have a good time without those issues. I can recommend the unofficial server im playing on atm If you're interested just let me know, and i'll contact you via steam, if not that's cool too! Have a great day, Lila
  10. PeerlessScarred

    Hey Guys & Gals

    Hello beautiful people! I've been playing ARK: SE for a while now, and have found the forums quite recently, and have decided to introduce myself ^^ I'm Lila, 18yrs of age and have been in a tribe of just 2. But boy, it's going good. I am on a PC platform. If you wanna talk or join me on my server just PM, i'll add you on steam. Enjoy your day
  11. PeerlessScarred

    PVP Tips?

    For my PvP on SE i usually: - Have an outer perimeter (behemoth stone walls) - Pillars that surround them - A base that has walls which are at least 3 thick (i use fence foundations on the foundations to achieve this) - My entrance or door, has as you say an airlock, and usually a turret on the inside of it and 4 in each corner of my base (depending on size) - Lots of plant species X - Some high lvl dinos on aggressive roaming around outside for extra precautions. - Location location location (my base is always on a raised platform or on high ground, thus people cannot access from all sides and are forced to go near turrets, walls or dinos) (sorry if this did not answer what you were asking for, but i hope it kinda helps) Have a good one
  12. PeerlessScarred

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I'd love to see any new creatures, for the SE Expansion pack and ARK itself. I have none i particularly want introduced, but would be so excited to get some new critters on the SE map anyway.
  13. PeerlessScarred

    Flying into the scar

    If you are referring to fatal errors and such, i've had those issues. What works for me is clearing out all my subscribed mods and such and then running the game. I don't know if this will work for you as it may be a different issue but give it a go if you like. Sorry if this doesn't help.
  14. PeerlessScarred

    should I start in scorched earth or transfer

    SE is in my opinion easier to advance in during the early stages of the game, as long as you spawn in an easy area. I'd say it would be a good idea, however, keep in my mind that there are not as many dino species on the SE map compared to that of say the island. But SE is certainly my fav map to begin in, and i would recommend starting out on it.
  15. PeerlessScarred

    Semi new

    Welcome Ravinmooon, hope everything goes well