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  1. None of the creatures seem particularly interesting to me, but also no bad options either. I am sitting this one out. May the best one win! Impress me community! I wonder which one will win? Cheers!
  2. New creature in Ark 1? I thought Carcha was the last one, it is a nice surprise I am curious as to what it will be. I hope its not another mammal, but hey, getting extra critters is always fun. Thanks team!
  3. Objectively speaking, which creatures do we want to make breedable here? After the Wyverns, I kind of lost track as those were of major interest to me. While I don't like insects, those became breedable as well. Honest question, are there any cool non-breedable creatures left? I am taking a short coffee break, and its been a busy day for me, I do have a feeling I am missing a couple for sure. Thanks! EDIT: Just read the post above about Griffon and Basilisk, yeah, Griffins are cool.
  4. Thank you so much, you folks never fail me. I am so going to look for it!!!!! Cheers & thank you Wildcard!
  5. I would like additional TLCs myself. There are many creatures that could use a pass (with the exception of the more recent ones or the ones that already had a TLC of course). I mean, some add functionalities and that is cute and all, but I really like the movement / animation and visuals done on some of the creatures that indeed went through a full TLC pass, take my favorite for example, the Rex, the way it moves after the TLC is fantastic, it is very fluid and I can tell a lot of care was done to it, really love that quick turn they added to it too. Some larger creatures show a need for TLC for sure, like the Giga and Bronto, they walk funny and stiff, because they are so large it becomes even more glaring. This is from an animation perspective, on a visual note I always felt the Plesio to be quite off the mark with its face, while the rest of the creature is perfect. The bottom line is that Ark made a very smart move, by going in the direction of "inspired" as opposed to accuracy, this for sure gave the team room for some creative liberties, while still delivering something we can recognize and appreciate. Ark is an amazing game to me, it is going to be hard to top this, so anything we can add to it is always appreciated. Looking forward for that last update. Cheers!
  6. This is really close to my own approach. I just didn't add the free maps the way you did, I would just roll them to the end. I liked what you did here though, might try this myself. I had an extra challenge for example on Scorched Earth, I needed to succesfully tame all 3 Wyverns there before I could even think of fetching them on easier maps (for that purpose of stealing eggs), like Ragnarok. Cheers!
  7. @CervantesMor I don't have a history of criticizing them. Usually I am more supportive. I do defer to WC however, lol. I have been around since the Stomping Land game, which triggered Ark Survival and became the whole thing we know now as the Ark experience. I heard the interviews with the developers as they kickstarted their Ark project, ideas and how out of the world it would be. There were a few decisions I felt were off, like Survival of the Fittest was one to be sure, but I was not very vocal on that one. It felt like a mistake when they announced it. I was not into it at all. Similar approach to Ark VR game, which also felt unecessary. Atlas does not count, it became its own thing so I moved this off of WC plate. Scorched Earth got a lot of angry people going, I have to admit I loved it then and it still holds true today, I am so happy they included an Ending to it on the next content update. Really thrilled for that last one. There was also a whole ordeal with the sheep, lol, I did like it and its addition however, I guess I am happy how that turned out and I was not expecting it, so it was a plus, even though the dossier does take a jab in a funny way about certain survivors that made the whole complaint. Then skip a bit, they started ventilating Ark 2, at the time it was too soon for me. Ark is expansive in nature and all those expansions and free maps were still on the rise. It felt too soon and I made my case against it. Obviously this has changed after so many years, I got really excited that they are mixing it up with 3rd person (didn't ask for, but it was a positive surprise for me). It has the trade off by not having Tek at the foreground anymore, at least not at launch anyway, but hey, if it is solid I am game. It does seem to focus on dinosaurs again, we shall see. Then the creature voting, I was, sadly, a bit too vocal on the first one (Lost Island). I still stand by my opinion on it, but Lost Island was a disappointment to me, but the map looked great though. Again, in retrospect I wish I was a bit less involved and the whole affair was ultimately a positive reminder not to be upset over details. The second creature voting was much, much better. I still hated the results, lol, but the system felt much much fairer than the first giving every creature a real shot. So Wildcard did learn from the first round and applied a positive change the second time around. Although I did not like the creatures added in either votes, there was much less to complain based on the form of the vote the second time around, and folks in our forum had their way, hope they liked it, the new creatures look really well executed, I just don't enjoy non-dinosaurs, non-dragons, non-robots, lol as much as I do those. As you can see, I had very little issues with Ark itself during all my years with it. I can really single events out. I do admitelly missed some of the drama that happened on forums, I often get second hand stories of some. I think my perception of "positive" and "success" was mostly due to a heavy emphasis on private server experience on my part. Ark looks and feels like an extremely hard game to balance, for me it shines as a PVE (small player count but expansive world). PVP is begging to cause trouble and both players and developers should be aware of that. I mean, Ark is grindy by design, so it is understandable that people freak out occasionally when they lose their stuff or their edge to bugs or updates. That said, it does not justify being rude, we are all reflections of those that came before us, so when we fail, we fail everyone that has taught us manners.
  8. "1. Making Dinos more personal. Have 1 dino Evolved would be a much better way to imprint on the rider. The more you ride it and the more it survives the better its imprint should be. " I did like this idea, it does needs to be a bit more fleshed out, but the foundation has a good sound to it.
  9. Thank you! Can't wait for this one! Cheers!
  10. @mattj, its an interesting question for sure. I play on a private server for so long that I cannot speak specifically out of experience on full blown servers anymore. The last one was Scorched Earth I think, the others were experienced on private only. Maybe I dropped in on Aberration, can't recall. For me, its important to restart, so I do my best not to take my overpowered stuff with me, I do move my character around, so I am not releveling every time. I might also take my strongest Rex with me, but it varies depending how badly I want to experience a map. Some maps are more "meh", for those I do bring in some basic stuff for a forward base with Tek to move exclusive creatures out of, others are fun to build and explore on. The last two maps had their ups and downs, but I really enjoyed Ragnarok and Crystal Isles, second one is one of my favorites now... It was not always so. In my experience, the less I bring with me to a new map, the better, but it also adds a bit more meaning if I have some project in mind. I wish you a lot of fun there! Share some stories later too! Cheers!
  11. They either did not update it to the latest version server-side or it is your client. I assume you updated your client which in turn is looking for compatible servers. Once they update and the versions are in sync again you should be able to find it. This can be a bummer with unofficial, but I still believe unofficial servers are the best. Cheers!
  12. Wow team Wildcard! I really liked that you are going with a 3rd person approach, it keeps both games Ark 1 and 2 distinct and in all honesty I was not expecting it. 3rd person is essential for melee combat. Souls like combat has caught my attention here and I really spent a whole lot of time on a recent open world souls like game in a way I hadn't in a long time, about half of that community has fallen to my blade! With the added awesomeness of dinosaurs, it can draw me even further. I feel sorry for all those brave opponents I will fell, specially COD players, I shred them like butter, they are not used to melee. LOL. XD Exploring the narrative is something I always felt it was missing in Ark 1, so this part is particularly interesting to me. I wonder where will you take us? Thank you very much for waiting this long before releasing ARK 2, I was not ready when you announced it, but now as time is passing I feel am ready for something new and fresh. Thank you for supporting Ark 1 as long as you did (and still do!), I loved my dedicated server experience both with friends and solo. Thank you for the many "coolness" mixed together, with dinosaurs, robots, mythical and alien creatures, it's been fun, its ok if Ark 2 goes another direction, but I appreciate this experience nonetheless, it has been unique. Thank you for the "age progression" on tech, it was awesome going from nothing to Apex Tek. I wish you all much success, I feel ready for a new experience and with these fundamentals you shared, it seems something really cool is coming our way. Loved it. I love my Tek, but heck, with these features I can trade it for a new experience, plus we can always mod it back in with such talented teams out there. Time to reach out to old friends and get conversations started again. Take care!
  13. There is Difficulty Value and Difficulty Offset. These influence one another. Because the animals are persistent, its recommended to do the previously suggested "DestroyWildDinos" as this will wipe and recreate all the spawns using the new parameters. Difficulty - ARK Official Community Wiki Difficulty Value = DifficultyOffset * (Official Difficulty - 0.5) + 0.5 DifficultyOffset = (Maximum Creature Level / 30 - 0.5) / (Official Difficulty - 0.5)
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