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  1. If I had to pick something, its the little things that really annoy me. RIght now the fact that when I create a torch, the icon displayed is blank instead of heaving the picture (or equivalent) for a torch, lol.
  2. I can only speak from personal experience. In my case, Scorched Earth proved to be more stable over the others.
  3. I had this issue before and this solved my problem: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty Hope this helps, cheers!
  4. Indeed, that's what it is at stake here. If you, @Vit0Corleone, are looking for true old school boss fights, then 20 Rexes were the way to go back then. At least it was the most common strategy I saw at the time. However, I vaguely recall there was an update which made changes to the bosses stats (could someone confirm this please?). If so, then a true origin experience is not viable without modding. That's even without considering breeding came in later, it was something added along the road. As I keep adding these points up it seems nearly impossible to solo, lol. They were radically hard
  5. Water missions are not my strong point, I only recently decided to invest in this area as well, this time for real. There is one concern I like to raise based on a previous taming pen I had. You see, Quetzal with taming pens work really well to capture other Quetzals because they are non aggressive and flee. A couple of years ago, a friend and I build a taming raft and tried to doc it on the carno island. My friend built the entire structure on the wooden raft and used metal around it to encase it. I raised my concern as to the wooden raft but he thought we were fine. Fair enough,
  6. I had to respawn to get the spear and axe. Raptor skin popped up automatically after clicking the video. I must say, the raptor skin is actually pretty cool! Its out of place with everything around it to be sure, but I could totally endorse a few more in that style as trailers get published. Like Parasaur could be another one.
  7. Mined some metal for my new water pen. Its going to be awesome when done! Also, started planning a generator relocation and streamline the electrical system so I can remove all excess ones and feed a single one for my entire base. I postponed that for too long already. Continued my Rex breeding line. Still some raw stats to obtain, not quite there yet for my army. Yet they are reaching a point where not even an Alpha Rex can oppose it. Still need a better saddle blueprint though. Need I say that both Mammoths and Stegos have become really useful for my current structure? That was
  8. Martellus

    ARK 2!!

    "StarCraft Universe" was one of their April Fool's jokes all the way back. I kinda wanted it back then. lol. Not anymore as I rather spend my time with dinosaurs.
  9. Martellus

    ARK 2!!

    I was hoping that it wasn't Ark 2. I get it, we need to get the ball rolling and its been a long time since the original Ark launched. Now that this is a fact, that it is coming, I will try to look at the positive side of things: 1.) If it is console exclusive (no pc), which I highly doubt it, then I have no issue and wish you all the best in Wildcard's future endeavors. 2.) With Genesis Part 2 I have about 3 years of gameplay, if not a little more. No seriously, I have an expansion backlog as of today. I take my time with them as I enjoy the path as well as the outcome. This will l
  10. I have suggested the idea of an Ark 2 would be inconvenient one. I made a case with 1 or 2 lists about it as to why a couple of years ago. I remember 1 big item was dividing the community as clearly some would not like to restart those 100s of hours from scratch and migrate over. Not to mention with the upcoming expansion I have at least 2 more years of content to explore (likely more). With that said, I want Wildcard´s success. To me personally they made a really great experience and delivered on it. It might not be flawless, but its incredibly positive. I think one of the aspects tha
  11. Very excited! Really good stuff! For me the incubator is going to save a lot of time! That stat preview before hatching is really sweet! Really liked everything shown here, plus the trailer. Love this approach with more story content, with excellent voice over! Thanks Wildcard! Been here with you all since before the original's launch, and I am still here! Thanks for delivering such great content! Ark has a really special place in my library. Cheers!
  12. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Well at least is still coming.
  13. @Cesitar257 I noticed this too. The game downloads really fast, but once it goes into "installing" it takes like forever on my SSD. My take is how many files (lines of code?) are being updated vs other games. Its not exclusive to Ark mind you, but yes, Ark suffers from this constantly compared to others. Its a curious thing indeed, but it doesn't impact me much as I do other stuff while its updating. Ark is a really big game, I believe it is still the largest game I have installed, so naturally there are more files to go for updates than other titles, hence why some files coul
  14. @FlagrantVagrant Yes, I have two I keep for pets on my base at "The Island" map. They are very rare, ironically I see them more often when I am actually not looking for one. While both of mine I found at a canyon formation that lead to the redwoods / water area from the western side of the isle, I do find them more often on mountains, at higher elevation. Do be careful as there are also gigas at the top, so don't get chomped looking for them. Cheers!
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