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  1. spent weeks getting ready to fight the alpha bosses on valguero only to lose because the manticore wouldn't land. Killed the megapithecus and dragon within 10 minutes. spent 20 minutes only getting a few seconds to attack the manticore before it just flies around.
  2. Excuse me if there has already been an official response to this, but I've gone through a dozen posts and haven't seen one yet. I just spent hours traveling down to the rock drake den with my tribemate and our spinos, only to have a level 220 egg disappear from my inventory instantly when picked up, because the egg despawned. Our strategy was to sacrifice two max level, 100% imprinted spinos, so we could finally get ourselves a rock drake. So, we ended up losing them for no reason, all because of a bug that seems to have existed since the release of this DLC. I'm honestly at a loss. Of course I can't know how complex the bug is, but it does seem like it wouldn't be a very difficult bug to fix. Regardless, has their been any official response to this at least?? How can a game breaking bug like this exist for so long! Imagine being on an official server and this happening. At least, our work-around for now is going to be to have an admin go with god mode and pickup all of the spoiled eggs before we go down again. This wasted hours and hours of work ..
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