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  1. Uhhh Primal Survival? TLC patches? Any of this ringing a bell for you guys? Have you guys looked at your mammoth model since release or realized how awful it is simply because it's easier to transport a beaver? Acknowledged the existence of the Onycs at all? Considered the possibility of trying to fix the broken physics on platform saddles? Looked into ways to end the reign of flyers being the most OP creatures? Negative inherits for inbreeding, remember how those were supposed to be a thing and completely change the meta so getting literal gods was impossible? You guys maybe wanna get on some of this stuff?
  2. So is it Ovis aries or Ovis arcam? One again the dossier doesn't match the little taped on card. And I can only assume that somehow the in game animal won't match the dossier. For the umpteenth time.
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