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  1. Yes It wasnt my excuse, i never liked orp in pve, and never had problems before orp
  2. YEah it was meant as their argument was to help against kiters etc, but it wasnt that big of a problem back then, and it still wont be. so i actually want orp gone, it would help a bit on servers, that and region locks, with no crossing between regions
  3. I agree with that too, i have most hours in pve, and i think orp need to go, it is so few that kites dinos into bases, and there is rules against that, so let us have "natural deaths" happens
  4. For our server alot of problems come from people outside the region, coming to dump dinos on our server, clone etc. we need ping limit, region locks
  5. Rubberduck

    Griefing by Raft

    Really still no action on this, !!!!
  6. Yeah All at tame limit etc, not helping that there is a sale and no region locks either, Eu is filled with dinohoarders from all over the world
  7. Rubberduck

    Griefing by Raft

    Still no Action on your own rule ?
  8. Rubberduck

    Griefing by exceeding amount of dinos with 2 chars

    After we told tribe that we have seen they use 2 chars, they moved some dinos, to toher place/server and renamed themselves to evanesence
  9. Rubberduck

    Griefing by exceeding amount of dinos with 2 chars

    Any action ?
  10. Rubberduck

    Testing new griefing rules

    Due to new griefing rules, i think 20-40 dodos seems on the edge, and a few raft aswell, specially when only login in once a week. you be the judge, not sure what your new rules cover. Could cover all in picture but alot more in there
  11. Rubberduck

    Help for dino cap

    - Remove offline protection on pve on atleast dinos, so there will be natural death to tames. Before all talk about griefing from other tribes, just ban those that does that griefing with kitting dinos etc. - Make ah for trading across servers, so not all people need all kibble, and need to breed from buttom up for bosses. Currency ingot for instance or several to choose from after what you need
  12. Rubberduck

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    A game where people can tame dinos in pve, without a dinocap,. all weekends are just 2-3x farm now,
  13. Rubberduck

    Ragnarok spino spawns

    +1 on this, so hard to start boss when several tribes try to get those ffew sails, and poor them who want to tame one
  14. Rubberduck

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Yeah, but so long time after first servers capped wildcard still ignore this, it is breaking the pve game
  15. Rubberduck

    BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    It cant be the players fault the want to play the game , but yes servers now swimming in rafts and dodos, but at our rangarok servers even a 50 dinolimit hadnt been enough due to the amount of people there