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  1. Display egg "size" in egg tool tip. Change "size" to something more intuitive So, I don't see egg size in the tooltip that pops up when I mouse over an egg. I'm not sure how someone is supposed to know what size an egg is in only the context of the game. In a related note - I don't really think egg size makes sense given the size property of the eggs vs the actual physical size and weight of the eggs. For example, parasaur eggs are "very small" and turtle eggs are "medium" yet the prasaur egg looks larger and has a weight of 7 vs the turtle egg's weight of 3. I'm curious why
  2. Floating Damage Numbers On Official Servers What I would like to see is the damage done when I do damage to anything, much like what you see on the training dummy but without the dps calculation. This is apparently a thing you can turn on in single player and modded servers but I feel like it should be part of the base game. This would be a really nice QOL improvement as it's exciting to see higher numbers flash up as your tame gets stronger!
  3. Chibi-Pets - how to attain them for 5th anniversary event Hi all, I've only recently started playing Ark again after being away since 2016. I've never encountered chibis before. When I look on the wiki the way they are attained seems tied to the event itself e.g drops from raptor clause for the winter wonderland event. I can't find any information about how to get there during the 5th anniversary event. Could someone fill me in? Thanks much!
  4. Former Player Thinking of Returning Hey all, I was pretty into Ark awhile back, put 1700 hours on it on an offical PVP server. I stopped playing shortly after Scorched Earth came out (bought it, didn't even go check it out though). Our server was constantly being bombarded by hackers using exploits which really made me frustrated, like I don't mind PVP in a PVP game but cheaters just suck. At the time I quit we had a solid well equipped alliance and were able to hold them off but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth. So my questions are - has this improved at all?
  5. First off thanks for the update and the detailed response. It shows that you are indeed listening to community and I think everyone appreciates that. At least now no server is untouchable, which is what I believe this change was intending to address. Previously SE tribes could raid others at will with no fear of reprisal since you couldn't transfer anything other than your naked char to SE. Now at least SE raiding tribes that exclusively raid other servers can get hit back.
  6. I can understand the werewolf vampire mechanics not getting in, stuff happens and it would be better to not have it then to have it full of defects. I do feel really bad for the Xbox players though, you guys are getting a raw deal here. Wildcard you should really consider doing something special for them to try and make up for this, it's gotta be very, very disappointing.
  7. Sounds great! Thanks for the update on 248, I would much rather see it delayed and solid when released than released under pressure and with problems.
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