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  1. Mobile base coming apart???

    Ya, relogging did the trick. Just was wondering how the heck that happened lol.
  2. Uh...what the heck happened here? How is my Mobile base coming apart??? Half of the base is moving along with my Titan while the other half is locked in place. And no, I did not build it there. I've moved it next to the building. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/870742685241002513/0097CA2380E8D186AD8831A484BDC16041AECC11/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/870742685241011362/44911A82178840C8AA963AF55B857D7C24C95221/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/870742685241017385/2371AA696110CFC0BCA98CA29C65F4D57883486B/
  3. I've been noticing this often now, where if I teleport from my mobile base that is standing on a slope of some sort thus the base being angled, teleporting to a fixed building location my character would remain tilted from the effects of the mobile base I had teleported from. While not game-breaking, it is annoying and can be difficult getting through doors. Here's a screenshot after teleporting from mobile base to fixed building location. I'd have to restart the game to correct my character to get rid of being tilted.
  4. Turret placement issue

    Anything about this issue?
  5. This is somewhat a complicated explanation. I've been working on Center map on a server I'm renting, building bridges and public places when I decided to upload my character to play around on The Island map in single player mode to unlock achievements for a couple days, then I uploaded it back and transferred back to Center map to find out that my character is no longer in the tribe I've established and was not able to access anything. I've tried to force myself back into the tribe, but it seems like the server wouldnt recognize the tribe anymore since it's just been me so far setting up the server or I wasnt doing it right. So, I ended up doing the cheat giveittome and get all structures linked to it and was able to claim everything back and restablished the tribe. Now, I've just noticed this issue here where the stuff I've built before this mishap is not allowing me to build turrets on or near them but anything else I can build. I would get the message that says cannot be placed due to enemy foundation or gate being nearby. I have no issues with the new buildings. So, can the devs look into this where buildings are gained through claiming or cheat that is preventing turrets from being built on them.
  6. Rain settings

    Apparently when the 270 patch broke the Center map and then got fixed shortly after also fixed the rain issue. Able to see the rain now on Center map.
  7. Center Crashing - 270 Update

    Same thing for me. game crashes on loadup with Center map.
  8. I've uploaded my character and downloaded onto Singleplayer to collect achievements then I transferred back to my own server only to find that my character is no longer in the tribe I've founded. This should not be happening at all especially when the Devs are encouraging people to transfer between maps for access to different contents. Devs needs to make it so when we transfer back, we are still in the tribe that we were in before uploading the character.
  9. Apparently it would seem that you cannot apply any of the skins to any of the Tek armour pieces. I've tested it out with different skins and none can be applied to it. I've tried other armour types and it works fine. Can the Devs please correct this? Thanks.
  10. Dino sound menu option

    Not sure if this has been suggested before. I just know that there has been several posts regarding to the noisy tame dinos you have in your base especially if you have many. What I would like to see WC add a mute sound effects to the current wheel options under options or behavior. This will allow people to mute certain or multiple dinos sound effects. Say you got 30 dodos, all that chirping would basically be a constant flood of sound effects, you could mute all of them or leave 1 alone and just have that occasional sound effect. Having this option will reduce the bombardment of all the variety of sound effects from nearby tamed dinos or get rid of some of the annoying ones that some of the dinos make while enjoying the other sound effects.
  11. Rain settings

    Still waiting for a response to this.
  12. Rain settings

    I'm trying to find out if there is a setting for visual effects of rain. I haven't seen anything come up. I'm playing on The Center map and I've noticed that I am not able to see the rain, though I can hear it raining. Is there some way to make it so that I can see the rain in the game? Is there a setting for that?
  13. - Endboss and Ascension.

    Why is this moved to bugs/support? It was a simple query about a patch note that's rather vague in regarding to new stuff being added. It didn't mention if its for all DLC maps or just restricted to The Island.
  14. Noticed this in the patch 267 notes. - Endboss and Ascension. Pretty vague there. Is that just for The Island map? or does it include the official DLC maps too such as Center, Ragnarok and Scorched Earth?
  15. Please just get rid of Legacy

    Honestly, those who are still holding out on those remaining Legacy servers are going to lose a lot more if they continue to think that their legacy servers will be around for a long time, when in reality, legacy servers will continue to be purged. Here's why those people will lose a lot more if they continue to stick to legacy servers instead of starting fresh on new servers at the same time as everyone else. Some people said Alpha hardcore tribes would stick around on Legacy servers, I call that to be false. If those guys are hardcore, they know they can easily take over the new servers and know that their current legacy servers will be doomed, so they wont be wasting time waiting around, they will start on the new servers asap. The other thing is, the longer those people sticking to legacy server, they will have a harder time catching up on the new servers or finding prime estate to build their bases on the new world. So think about this, take your pick, stick to legacy servers that will eventually all be wiped out in a few months, or start fresh on the new servers with everyone else with the knowledge of what you've learned from playing Legacy for that advantage and to get the best spots on the new server. Otherwise, don't be complaining when you can't find good spots or are behind in everyone else on the new official servers when finally the remaining legacy servers gets shut down and re-purposed. The current migration is a big joke. The servers on the safe list are doing all they can to prevent people transferring from the servers being killed off. The caps on dinos have already been hit based on all the thread posts about it, people spamming pillars everywhere or killing new comers depending on pvp/pve server. So, in a way, rather than allowing their servers to become more populated so it may last longer, they are signing their own death warrant by killing off the population growth.