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  1. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    I see that WC is still not providing clarification to the issue with mobile base/rafts that has turrets on them after their latest announcement in the news regarding to the turret changes. Is WC avoiding the issue or clearly not interested in providing detailed information regarding to mobile bases with turrets and allies building turrets in other ally's bases?
  2. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Removing turrets from boats is not going to solve the issue. This concern is more for unofficial servers where we have the option to allow turrets on mobile platforms, and just as if WC removes turrets from rafts for official, WC will enable that option to be used or not for unofficial server. We all know that the majority of the players play unnofficial, as such that is the ultimate goal of WC is to subtlety encourage people to play on unofficial servers. So, ultimately, WC needs to take into account of how these changes will impact unofficial servers with what options we already have plus more being added for flexibility as some of these changes may have unintended effects take place on unofficial that wouldn't happen on official. So far, WC has not been clear to exactly how the turret limit count would be implemented. Is it tribe only? then allies and enemies can exploit this easily with mobile bases or allies building more turrets in other ally bases to boost defenses. Mega tribes would simply break down into smaller tribes and assign a side of the superbase to build turrets and still bypass what would have been the default turret. If WC goes for blanket value regardless of tribe status, an enemy could simply bring a mobile base into enemy base to trigger a shutdown of the turrets or simply get close enough and slap down a foundation with turret and generator and trigger the shutdown. Either exploits can be done on official servers still without the use of mobile bases. Hence the need for clarification to how WC will implement the change and address the possible exploits that I've listed.
  3. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Yes, there's the option to enable/disable the turret limit, but we can assume that WC will add another option to adjust the limit number, and I'd imagine with both options that this would more likely be used. I've recently seen a screenshot that someone had posted, basically massive walls of turrets which just boggles my mind as grossly going overboard with the turrets and I'd imagine server owners would want to implement some turret limits to a more desirable number to make the pvp challenging and enjoyable and not to the point that having massive walls of turrets makes a base untouchable. The whole point of this thread is to get information to how the turret limit is going to be implemented because I can see at least 3 possible exploits to bypass the turret limit or to crash the turret limit.
  4. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Still waiting for an official response to a legitimate question of how the turret limit will be implemented if it is to be tribe limit or blanket value and how mobile bases/rafts with turrets will have an impact on bases that reach the turret limits as well as allies bypassing the tribe limit?
  5. Raale

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    I would appreciate if WC could answer this question that I've posted in another thread. It is a valid question. There needs to be a clarification to how the turret change will be done, because a mobile base/rafts with turrets can cause unintentional problems as exploits either for enemies or allies. Allies can just send mobile bases to other allies bases to bypass the tribe turret limit to boost the turret defenses or Megatribes splitting into smaller tribe and each of those tribes focus on 1 area to build their turret clusters around their superbase. If WC were to apply a blanket turret limit regardless of tribes, then an enemy could just simply send a mobile base to an enemy base and trigger the turret limit and shut down the whole base defense.
  6. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    This is WC we're talking about, they still haven't address a simple issue as pillar/foundation spam lol
  7. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    That is basically what I've been getting at as I mentioned in the earlier post. 5 tribes could agree on being allies and send a mobile base with turrets to each other bases to boost the defense to bypass the turret limits. So, if WC were to address this by applying a blanket value regardless of tribes, then an enemy could send in a mobile base that would shut down the entire area of turrets. Not to mention, Mega tribes could simply breakdown into smaller tribes and each tribes build their own cluster of turrets to protect their superbase as allies as a means to bypass the tribe turret limits.
  8. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Yes, but we can expect that WC will add an ini option that allows us to change the limits to more than 100 or less than 100. But this is not really relevant to my question. My question still remains, how will WC deal with mobile base that has turrets on them that move around and move to fixed bases.
  9. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Pretty presumptions aren't you? Obviously there's been a few response to this with concern that indicate that they play on unofficial servers, not to mention the fact that the majority of the player base play unofficial. So, you may want to correct that statement rather than making yourself look like a moron. Since you obviously have nothing to contribute to this thread which is a legitimate question seeking clarification to this huge change, so go troll elsewhere. The unofficial server operators will want to know how this will effect their servers and if they should enable or disable the turret limits or change the limits as I'm sure WC will add that ini option for unofficial servers. Not to mention, regarding to my question if a mobile base with turrets could be used as an exploit to shut down the entire turret system in the area or to boost the number of turrets in the area bypassing the structure turret limit if mobile base is excluded from the count. This could be done by having an ally mobile base placed in another base if it were to bypass the turret limits to help allies boost their defense, where if WC were to counter that potential exploit which would have a reverse effect by an enemy moving a mobile base with turrets into the area and shut down the entire area of turrets. Either way, it's an exploit waiting to happen for the good or for the bad depending on who does it.
  10. Raale

    Turret Limit Changes question

    Yes you can, in unofficial servers. You can enable that option.
  11. So, with the upcoming changes that limits to how many turrets you can have in an area. Any turrets that exceeds the limit would render them useless. So, my question is, if a base has reached the limit on turrets, what will happen if a mobile base with more turrets walks into the base? Would appreciated if the devs could clarify that one.
  12. Ya, that's what I was wondering about. Because it's a bit confusing when it says all engrams would be unlocked, but we know that if we went by vanilla settings, it isn't possible to get all engrams, especially if we have more engrams from mods. Which is why my question was if it somehow does the calculation of the total engram points needed and made it's own override list, or using the one we made.
  13. So, there wouldnt be any need for engram points then? no need for the override engram points per level at all?
  14. What exactly does this mean? Does this mean the server will auto-adjust the engram points a player would get so they can get all the engrams that's available on the server which includes the core game engrams and engrams from mods? Or do we still need to have the engram points override settings in the game ini? v273.62- New server options to auto-unlock specific or all Engrams (all Engrams will also use the Engram level Override settings, if any):Game.ini [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode]bAutoUnlockAllEngrams=true
  15. Will it be possible to place auto-turrets underneath ceilings to help defend mobile bases/rafts such as Bronto/Titan or Plesio/Mosa which are vulnerable underneath? Also would make base defense more interesting as well from inside. Will there be a fix to the Titan dying while in Stasis that behaves like the normal Titan non-eating rules? If someone is on and near the Titan, it'll eat from the trough, but if the Titan is in stasis, it dies in the same time frame as a normal Titan would that doesn't eat while tamed, which can be problematic if a person doesn't come on for a day. Will there be any extreme weather effects such as hurricane (considering we're on islands) or tsunami that will flood the low coastlines, earthquakes? These things would cause havoc such as hurricane tossing around air creatures making it difficult to fly or force them to the ground as well as damage thatch/wood structures while earthquakes would damage anything not higher than metal tier, Tsunami flooding the coastline destroying thatch/wood, damaging stone, possibly drowning creatures still on the coastline if not protected by walls. Will there be a bigger gate frame to accommodate the Titans? Since none of the gate frames are big enough for the Titans to go through. It should be wide enough for Mobile bases to go through