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  1. This is the official release of Pixel Ark: Chapter 2. This is my most popular server to date, and i have had requests to bring it back but much better so thats exactly what im doing. This server will be running all the way until Genesis. Then i will release a second server for Genesis. You will be able to transfer your character to Genesis, but will not be able to take dinos or items with you. You will however be able to bring dinos and items back from Genesis to Valguero. Now to the server information; <---------------[Server Info]---------------> > Server Name: NEW [18/10] Pixel Ark: Chapter 2 [5xH/5xT/15xB] > Server IP: > Discord: https://discord.gg/d4KKUF > Map: Valguero > Slots: 30 <---------------[Server Rates]---------------> > Gather: 5x > Exp: 5x > Taming: 5x > Egg Hatch Speed: 15x > Maturation Speed: 15x > Mating Interval: 0.02x > Damage Numbers: On > S+ Floaty Structures > S+ Water Intake Anywhere <---------------[Mods]---------------> > ACM > Automated Ark > Awesome Spyglass > Better Reusables > Classic Flyers > Dino Storage V2 > WBUI > HG Stacking 5k -90% > Structures Plus https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892201572
  2. Mods on server are S+ and extinction core


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