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  1. Changes to Pillar Structure Decay!

    I understand both sides of this change. I understand why WC did this and I also understand everyones frustration. With that being said, my opinion/solution that should (hopefully) stop many players from bickering would be for WC to implement the same function they have with building near supply drops around metal spawns and beaver dams. When trying to place a structure near a supply drop it shows that the structure is highlighted green, but is unable to place due to the close distance to the beacon drop. It essentially disappears back into your inventory. If they make "safe" zones like this near metal/crystal/obsidian spawns and beaver dams I believe this would solve many issues and both parties (WC and players) can find common ground. Now for the land claiming issues that people seem to sometimes go overboard on... I have no solution, sorry.
  2. First dino that scared the crap out of you

    I feel like an old man when I say "back in my day" haha but I had a few. Dilos, Raptors, and Carnos. I'd avoid the latter two like the plague in my early days until I had a feasible mount or flyer. I could only imagine those starting up ark not too long ago to encounter Troodons or Therizinosaurus as their first death haha
  3. PVE vs. PVP Which do you play?

    Pillar spamming on PvE servers is one of my main concerns. Being able to place pillars near someones base forcing them to be unable to continue building is a real bummer for people.
  4. Who else finds the Leeds annoying?

    People on our official server have started to complain about the Leeds. Many starting players say they cannot transport their dinos on a raft, and not having a Quetzal to transport makes it rather difficult to get from place to place to resource gather without a raft or a good mount. I try to help them transport as much as I can when I am playing. They really aren't that hard to kill at all, but I still understand the frustration. I haven't had many encounters with them and don't see them as a huge nuisance, but I also understand why they put them in the game, and it makes perfect sense. The devs are good about fixing/balancing and I'm positive they will find a solution in the near future. My advice: spend the time to get a Quetzal. It's not easy on official servers, but worth it. Or put turrets/plant species x on a raft and set to wild only will help as well. Best of luck.
  5. Scorched Earth Dedicated Server NOT WORKING For the last month now, well before the valentines day event I have NOT been able to get into my dedicated Scorched Earth server. The Island and Center servers are loading perfectly fine. Scorched Earth, however, IS NOT!! It kicks me out to the xbox dashboard and shows the host gamertag on the dashboard screen as well. Last night I was able to play for 20 (generous) seconds before I was kicked out. This was the first time I was even able to get in. After that, I tried 2 more times, but I wasn't able to even join the game. It would kick me out while loading with no error messages or anything. Can ANYONE out there please shed some light on why this is happening or what I need to do to play? Devs @Jat @Jen, please if you see this take a minute of your time to respond. Thank you kindly