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  1. The wild bee hive has to be a fresh one since last server restart, if it's a hive before server restart, it will not have a queen inside.
  2. iirc oviraptors collect eggs from enemies, and still does. It just doesn't collect your own friendly eggs.
  3. One more thing to keep in mind, gigas can run into a glitch where their torpor always drops about 1000 torpor or so every 1-2mins
  4. You just keep shooting, as stated above, most likely you've gotten in some holes for torpor which causes the giga to lose tons of torpor quickly, it takes only roughly 1-2 mins for a giga to drain out all its torpor which is massive.
  5. Actually that depends, if you have the gen prefabbed, then thats better for instant results, because battery turrets have a power up time.
  6. Look around the areas more closer to the middle of the map, the lower desert areas and just outside of the oasis (obelisk)
  7. Waiting for server to pop back up and hoping it's not gonna wipe us inside tek cave lmao
  8. There is no bio toxin on extinction. Unless there is some special ritual or harvesting method that I do not know of.
  9. For the corruption node, it has like 100k health, this means you'll have to actually deal 100k dmg to one node in order to break it for the forest titan, it takes quite a while for an assault rifle to do that much damage, which is why meks etc. are best recommended. In regards to Ice titan trap, this would mainly only be available for PvE due to how Titans do not damage PvE structures, in PvP, it is possible, however you would need to be quick and lucky due to how the ice titan will hurt your trap, but if it's successful, the Ice Titan will be frozen and cannot attack nor move, for Forest Titan it is possible to trap that as well, the trap I have for forest titan does require a bit of luck and time in order to make it work, but when it does, the forest titan is stuck in one spot unable to attack
  10. Pellao

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    Get off early bird status, make at least 10 comments
  11. Plus back then you could get griffins to 30k-40k hp and it would one shot players, not a thought to why they would nerf the griffin /s
  12. Hello, try submitting a ticket about that on https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
  13. Its supply drops in the aberration zone on valguero
  14. people can take it over, then take a hit which causes the hit to register against another tribe, which should trigger neutral creatures
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