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  1. john0511

    Center boss fights

    Is there going to be a fix for the center boss fights? Medium and hard the monkey one hits you off your tame... and let’s talk about the element... it’s broken as can be... you have to face 2 bosses and don’t even get as much as you would facing just the Megapithecus alone.... please fix this
  2. john0511

    [BUG] Cannon Knockout

    Good to know we were getting mad because the taming effectiveness was messed up on our golems and we couldn’t figure out why
  3. john0511

    Rag boss broken

    I’ve had buddies also have the manticore despawn with 2 mins left
  4. john0511

    Rag boss broken

    Med center boss one hits you off your tame... this crap needs to be fixed
  5. john0511

    boss fight disconnect

    i submitted a ticket the first time... they would only replace 5 dinos with max level 200 even though we lost dinos over level 300... they need to fix the damn game before they keep adding in new content
  6. john0511

    boss fight disconnect

    xbox one server 635 the center
  7. john0511

    boss fight disconnect

    so this is the second time that me and a buddy dashboarded while launching a boss fight just to lose everything again... so sick and tired of spending hours raising rex's and yuti's just to lose it all over some bs... this needs to get fixed asap! you should not just die automatically if you get disconnected! and the devs are only offering to give back 5 dinos with proof... about to be done with this game