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  1. The normal, I guess. Oh, I feel like going for adventure today so instead of taking my Theri to gather meat, I use my Rex and walk all the way from The Maw to the swamp near the turtle island. That's also the first time ever in my 1000+ gameplay have I ever encounter a leech. All these times I've been searching through the green algae but it's much easier to find them in shallow water. I searched at the wrong spot lol.
  2. Hmm, probably my lv 150 Ptera. I like it so much because it's the first 150 I ever tame (lv 150 is the max level of wild dino in my server) and the color is red-pink. I named it Mirage and it's probably the fastest Ptera in the server. I lost him 3 times and somehow I always find him back. There was a time when I thought I finally lost it and then suddenly after 2 - 3 days irl when I was returning to my base, I saw an odd-looking ptera stuck on a cliff. I get near to it and it was Mirage! I whistled and he come running back to me~ Another time I lost it again when the server decided to kick me out and I was flying on top of the swamp. Of course I died instantly the moment I logged back to the server and my Ptera is nowhere to be found again. My tribemate found him a few days lounging on the different island just stood there lol.
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