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  1. ChickPea81

    My scorched earth has disappeared on console

    I had an issue that sounds similar not long ago, although I think mine was caused by the fact I had accidentally managed to have a copy of scorched on my Xbox internal drive as well as an external one at the same time and it got itself confused somehow. I fixed my issue by finding it on my Xbox and uninstalling both copies and reinstalling it (in one location only). If uninstalling doesn't allow you to redownload it without being prompted to pay for it again, I'd suggest contacting the Xbox people for support.
  2. ChickPea81

    No Collisions

    They did a rollback to before the update. My dung beetle had wandered out of their confinement as well, but was back and inside after the fix because the rollback meant nothing had occurred. When did you tame them? If they are new perhaps the rollback took you back to before they were tamed?
  3. ChickPea81

    No Collisions

    Ive just logged in to take a look and everything is solid. My prim plus items are all showing up fine though so i'm thinking they did another quick fix to that since that was mentioned. If it's a rollback that "fixed" do we not have the update anymore?
  4. ChickPea81

    No Collisions

    Omg I was starting to think I was the only one experiencing this. I had a wild Dino walk in and out of my base straight through a wall. Luckily it was not a harmful one. Yet. Im on xbox rag primitive plus 2.
  5. ChickPea81

    No Collisions

    Im playing on xbox one Ragnarok Primitive plus so dont know if this is happening only because of one of those modes but I have absolutely no collisions after this update. Ive just watched a wild dino walk out of my base through the wall.. which i then also did myself to see if it was affecting everything.
  6. ChickPea81

    Why are there no brick level doors?

    The fact that you only have a few pieces to the brick tier is annoying. And steel to an extent too. My base on pve is walled by fence foundations with pillars and walls. I can use steel or brick pillars and brick walls but that's not gonna help a great deal when they are all sitting on top of stone fence foundations (I'm in giga territory). If I can make steel pillars (and lock boxes etc) surely a steel fence foundation should be achievable.
  7. ChickPea81

    @DEVS - How To Fix PvE Pillar Spam

    Pillars protect resources because they don't block spawns. If people build a small base there instead using any kind of foundation or ceiling piece it'll defeat the purpose of protecting the resource as it'll block it from respawning.
  8. ChickPea81

    Wheat, the tastiest seed of all

    I don't know if this is actually an intended mechanic rather than a bug. But have you all noticed that the wheat seeds are being eaten the second they enter a dino's inventory whilst harvesting? Doesn't seem to matter if there's all manner of other seeds and berries in there, wheat seed gets eaten immediately. Makes it very difficult to acquire any for growing. Anybody know if any of the berry gathers don't nosh on the tasty little seed?
  9. ChickPea81

    The Pillar System?

    If your having issues still, this YouTube video may help you also
  10. ChickPea81

    Bug I have noticed

    You arent supposed to be able to learn the tranq darts on P+ (the engram is not supposed to be available).
  11. ChickPea81

    Stone Behemoth Gate Farming

    So.... You have managed to level up enough to unlock the grinder and farm all the mats to make it... Before building a perimeter wall? LOL The OP likely is just starting their base and not expanding or building a second base so are not likely to have access to a grinder at this stage. With the exception of course to all the noobs who come on, join an established tribe and just use their high level equipment without putting any of the work in.
  12. ChickPea81

    Enhanced build mode

    There have been many times when I've been half way through building and a piece just won't place down despite being green. Im left concluding there must be a drop too close that I never knew was there. It would be very handy if whilst you're holding a piece to place down, areas highlight in the vicinity showing if you're next to a no build object like a drop or even a player spawn point. Someone on my server built in a spawn point on the console release of rag day 1. They built a ramp for spawns to get over their wall and I'm wondering if they even knew it was a spawn point when they built. Another thing that would be handy is no build radius showing when youre holding a pillar or foundation for example (maybe a key / button to toggle viewing on off) so you know if you've accidentally left a "sweet spot" for some troll to come plonk a pillar in your base.
  13. ChickPea81

    Stone Behemoth Gate Farming

    Without previously knowing about the constant collision checking of the gates I had dismissed the idea of many walls because I thought not only would they impact build limit way more but that the server would lag more due to rendering in many many tiny walls instead of a large 2 piece behemoth. They should give us behemoth (and dino gate) sized chunky walls. Gonna have to rethink my behemoth perimeter now. I'm half way round.
  14. ChickPea81

    Stone Behemoth Gate Farming

    Im curious, If you use another method that presumably doesnt constantly scan for collision like say a circle of stone pillars 4-5 high, would that impact anything like dino's getting into your base more? Otherwise, why do Behemoths constantly scan for collision and other things don't? I started putting the stone pillars 4 high but next day they had all auto decay destroyed way before their timers were due. Bugged at the moment i think. Went for the behemoths because im not sure what else is better?
  15. ChickPea81

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    Is that puppy fish tameable? What will plant species z do?