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  1. nice update..................

    I get this too, where after a crash it seems to think I'm still online so won't let me log back on. Im playing official rag server on xbox. Instead of just re joining the server from the server list screen after being booted, I close the whole game and relaunch. Always let's me straight back in if I close the game without needing to wait 20 minutes.
  2. Thoughts on the Tamed Dinosaurs Limit?

    Do we even need it to be a specific kibble for each Dino? Couldn't they just change it to a carnivore kibble and a herbivore kibble (that doesn't have meat in it!). 2 kibble types using any egg and meat (or equivalent herbivore alternative).
  3. Too many boats

    Would that even work? Would it aggro onto someone else's structure of they've no dinos on it? And they'd have to be online as there's offline damage protection. I assume you've tried asking them to move it? Not everyone has a base on the waterside, perhaps it isn't a malicious act and they've just pulled up unawares of the issues it's causing?
  4. I found this information about the level requirements of the different bosses Although, in my opinion, trying to access a boss when you aren't the correct level "should" result in a notification saying you don't meet the level requirement and simply not work. If it takes your tributes and transports your dinos without even telling you it's a specific level in game, that's just bad programming on the devs. If you were of the correct level were you mounted? Cause that'll make it fail to apparently.
  5. I do this all the time. It's really handy just to upload the new tame at the nearest drop or obelisk then grab it back from one close to my base. I've lost tames before trying to get them home so this is my go to now (I don't have a quetz). Of course there's always the risk of losing it during upload....
  6. Kind of a random question, but...

    The thing I've always been curious about is she doesn't have an implant. It should be visible on the arm she is holding the gun with. Did the original survivers like Helena have them? Or is it an oversight (like the rideable dimorphodons in another image they did)?
  7. Bear stuck inside invisible wall in metal cave

    Just in case you've not tried.... when one of my dinos got stuck like that, setting it to follow did nothing until I went out of the area (with it still on follow). When I came back it had freed itself and was wondering towards me as I approached.
  8. Rag server taming issue

    I wondered if something was wrong too when I tamed an Anky yesterday. dododex told me itd take 50 minutes but it took twice that long.
  9. Xbox one servers??

    Bottom left there's a filter. Change it to Legacy to get to the old servers list.
  10. Not enuff engrams

    I'm on 116 too. I've reported the issue on their official form a few days ago so hopefully it'll get fixed soon
  11. Lost SURVIVOR

    If you're planning to just give everything away anyway, why not just abandon your old tribe and stuff to the rest of them (if they still want to play legacy) and start fresh on the new servers. You can't take your old high level legacy character with you to a new server anyway.
  12. The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    Have you changed the filter to display the legacy servers?
  13. cant find official server

    I checked the server kill list and it's not on there, so are you making sure to change the filter to "legacy". The filter is down the bottom left. All old servers were made legacy.
  14. Xbox Prim+ servers deleted or down?

    Down at the bottom left change the filter to Legacy
  15. incorrect names listings

    I want to know this too. Im on a pve server that is meant to be "normal" but only has very primitive engrams (no guns etc or metal tier). The server name doesn't say it's primitive or "no tek" and I'm not wanting to waste my time playing primitive since that's not what I chose. I want the engrams given to match the name of the server not the server name to change to a type I wasn't choosing.