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  1. Ok, now you're not even trying! I mean, GOOD GOD! This whole Mysterious Mysteries thing has gone way too far! If you're gonna be this lazy, you might as well go back to making actual dossiers! Sorry, I'm just not a fan of these Mysterious Mysteries. But I love Ark!
  2. @Ryuk At least your fan made dossier looks more like and actual dossier than the official one does.
  3. At least the giant crab is an actual dossier rather than a mysterious mystery
  4. Well, at least the giant crab is not a mystery.
  5. What is happening to Ark? Why do Mysterious Mysteries exist? Now hear me out, I'm NOT against creativity, I want Ark to evolve I want them to be creative, but they're just taking it too far with these non existing creatures. It's bad enough we got the Broodmother, Megapithecus, Dodorex and Dragon. We don't need anymore fictional creatures. The reason I started playing Ark was because of all of the prehistoric creatures that once existed. I got to see some of my favorite prehistoric creatures such as the T-Rex, carno, mammoth, trike, giganotosaurus and all the rest of them. I am really excited
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