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  1. wild card noun noun: wildcard 1. a playing card that can have any value, suit, colour, or other property in a game at the discretion of the player holding it. 2. an opportunity to enter a sports competition without having to take part in qualifying matches or be ranked at a particular level. Im thinking WC is doing what a wild card does..... turning the game upside down, changing the rules. So disapointed atm with you guys. Wish you will reconsider this.
  2. I was one of the players that started when Ark got out. 2 years and more than 5000 hours is what Ive put into this game. There has been alot of sad things happen but also alot of happy things, both personal and game wise. Ive told about bugs, I have done and followed all the ways WC have led us through these years. Done some complaining, yeah, I have, but Ive always resigned and thought that perhaps WC knows what they are doing after all. Now it is obvious that Im a very naive person. Ive told others that: "noway, WC will let us oldies (ppl that played long time) just hang. Im sure they are happy with all the inputs they've gotten from us so no way they will fail us. They will hopefully reward us somehow." Yeah, bite me. I was totally wrong. Who knows the reward might be a new skin, the flaregun skin in pink maybe? Ugh, seriously WC, how can you do this to us? And another thing... what will all players say to ppl around them, when this happens? By this I mean, if I hear a friend asking me "how is Ark?", what would the answer be do you think? For every person who thinks bad of the service; 50 more will soon think alike. For every person who thinks good about the service maybe 3 persons will think alike. This is something I learn when studying custumerservice. Sorry to say but WC is lacking in the custumerservice department, and that is so sad
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