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  1. Aberration: Is there water in the Portal?

    If you're playing on Xbox the aquatics dont give you water until they fix this bug. Just a heads up to those wondering
  2. Aberration 'Portal' starter area totally usless?!

    Unfortunately mushrooms give you 0 water still on Xbox even after the patch.
  3. Here's a suggestion

    Go load up any xbox official ragnarok server and tell me how that goes. Crash, rollback , crash , lag spike , crash , server crash , everyone loads back in , server crash again then you get "this character is still logged into server" for a minutes. Log back in and then 5 minutes of gameplay before the next rollback. Good luck
  4. Final Straw

    Yep. It's like sleeping on half of a mattress at night. Totally unfinished garbage
  5. Here's a suggestion

    Fix your base game now. Is there one good reason you can give me why aberration runs better than all the other maps combined? (besides lag) you didn't even finish scorched earth there are still so many problems with that dlc, and center and rag (I know they're just OFFICIAL mods) are atrocious and barely playable , then you have the island still full of bugs and glitches (albeit you can consider some of these "base game" issues, but there's no base game without a map to play on) What is it going to take ?? When will you ever optimize this game to a stable frame rate on Xbox? Or can it not be done ? I guess in a few years after you release the rest of your dlcs right ? spring 2018 will be another great time I'm sure for another laggy expansion
  6. heavy turrets resource requirements and crafting

    If this is the best you got then wildcard, you are indeed trolling people. I don't care if this was the 20th iteration of your heavy auto turret. These intentional numbers and figures such as the damage of 3.4x instead of actual 4x damage , the level 100 requirement , the insane repair cost of said auto turret, the lack of tracking/targeting , no real knockback , the health and damage taken by grenades/c4 far too low, and the actual cost to create these Is simply confirmation that: A. You do listen to what the players have to say B. You don't care at all what we've said even though we play the game and you don't C. You like to grief low to mid tribes who can't reach level 100 in time to get their turrets fixed so in turn they'll be raided immediately D. You have no idea how the game meta works in principal , even though you are the ones creating this game E. You blamed this whole fiasco on a new trend of ultra dense turrets which you claim brought the servers down to less than one tick rate even though this lag and other problems have existed for a very long time, yet you chose to do this now, long after early access. Turrets have always lagged servers (much like servers being at Dino cap) F. You simply treat your playerbase with disdain and don't seem to mind when lots of their hard work goes right down the drain, and if you did you wouldn't be releasing dlc, you would fix your core game first. (I guess I'll stop here before I find myself going all the way through the alphabet)
  7. heavy turrets resource requirements and crafting

    Level 100 unlock and you need more Resources to make them and they don't even give you 4x damage. You must seriously be a bunch of sadists who love to make all the players get upset when they start tearing apart their bases just to find out they can't even craft the new turret with the level req. This is further confirmation that only mega tribes are going to be allowed to play

    Going to need more damage on these bad boys maybe 7x or more but we'll see how round one goes
  9. Silent Griffin nerf

    We can't be having any fun around here. Just a matter of time before people are flying around on moths
  10. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    That's exactly what I mean. Of course the rate doubled but when there's 6x more content to keep up with which is almost all mandatory if you want a chance to survive at pvp. if someone asked you "what do I need to do first to succeed in pvp from beginning to end" I think you might need more pages than a Tom Clancy novel to even begin to explain the various and extremely complex actions and Interactions that players are required to know, understand , and remember in a variety of aspects in this game. And more content is not necessarily a bad thing but so much of it feels basically mandatory if you want to be the best of the best. Much like the imprinting argument where you don't -have- to imprint but if you want to be the best then you have to imprint. And it all takes an innumerable amount of time. Which gives heed back to the main topic of turrets, which funnily enough will actually eliminate much of the grind of this game if they are indeed limited to 100 per 36 foundations. It will be a griefers paradise and with the new handcuffed to the chair stuff I wouldnt expect much else from WC. They love to grief their players just like a good beach troll would
  11. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    So what you're saying is that when you told everyone that "money would never be an issue , only talent " that you were technically incorrect as you have neither to offer this game. There is literally no possible way turrets are the cause of the majority of the lags and come December 6th once everyone sees that , you will have a large exodus of players that flock so far away from this game it will be like a mouse in a room full of elephants who were hopped up on caffeine pills. You corrupted the innocence of this game with weekly nerfs and constant reduction in enjoyment. The game game is grindier now than when I had to pike bugs for chitin to try and make a metal 1x1. Here's a hint guys: most of us already work a full time job so why would we want another unpaid one
  12. Another day at wildcard studio

    Here's some tin foil hat talk for you. This game is dead
  13. Another day at wildcard studio

    Well, I think basically all there is to say about the turret nerf has been said and it's sad to think that this game has gotten to this low point. Ark is too big and too resource intensive on current systems and servers and the developers cannot fix the fundamental issues that have been created through the development process without starting to slowly strip away main aspects of the game in an effort to try and cull the lag and overload that has been created during this time. They have proposed solutions that are highly controversial within the community and still continue on with them trying to slowly fix the core issues of the game such as desync issues , complete rubbing banding , network issues , graphics errors and other things that compound the problems further. Unfortunately for wildcard , snail has given them very strict schedules and I'm sure deadlines that correlate to investors waiting to get paid, as well as push wildcard to pump out new content like dlcs and other added features. The fact remains that there are many issues in this game that have existed since day one on PC and they have not been fixed, and on top of that, the content that is being produced is being pushed out with little to no testing which ends up creating more bugs and errors that wildcard simply does not have the time or experience to fix. At this current time the official servers are mainly unplayable but people love the game so much that they will spend hours during a day battling lag to raise a dinosaur that takes twice as long as normal to raise because of the massive desync and lag issues with ragnarok. It is certainly a gloomy atmosphere around here and as someone who lived and breathed this game since it came out I truly sincerely hope that it can be turned around. It's obvious that you have a very different opinion on the vision of the game than we players who have been around through all the hard times and the good. Waiting for the next patch because we were thrilled to play such an amazing game. Now we've come to a point where every update is met with dismay and upset because somewhere along the lines things changed. It got out of control and it turned a small studio on its head trying to force itself to be a triple a studio because of pressure and demands. For all the stuff I say negative about wildcard I will admit that they created a masterpiece. But too many brush strokes and too many colors have made it a muddled and incoherent painting. I would only echo the sentiment of others and say to not release any more dlc or content after aberration until you can tend to the many issues present in the core game.
  14. Turret change discussion megathread

    So how much is wildcard paying for the propaganda you're spewing