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  1. And yet no one talks about how op bred gigas are. Go ahead and try to take down a 100% imprint giga with a 150+ saddle. We tried to fight one with 3 150 perfect tame gigas and they were shredded within 30 seconds. Not to mention that they simply don't rage at all no matter what you do or if you shoot it in the face 15 times with a 300 damage launcher ( which don't exist anymore which even furthers my point about how op they are)
  2. We're headed there with 50 Brontos right now thanks
  3. That will come later. After a few more rollbacks
  4. - said the saltiest man who ever lived
  5. We did have a good fight Nebraska honestly was fun. Only problem is the inability to make a giga rage with lots of rockets from ascendant launcher and other methods. The fight was fair and square even though the odds were heavily in their favor as they simply had more players (think 6-7 tribes) but overall was still fun. And I also wanted to make the point that unloading thousands of bullets from an ascendant assault rifle basically does nothing to a giga with imprint and high armor. Never claimed the fight was unfair itself only the giga aspect
  6. I could forgive the rockets maybe but I unloaded 5000+ rounds of ammo From an ascendant assault rifle with 290 damage , we shot the giga well over 200 times with longnecks (mc and Asc) , hundreds of flame arrows etc. not even bloody at all. So you tell me how to kill them then. When something has that high of a saddle armor and is 100% imprinted it's like throwing stones at the giga. I'm not sure if some of the stuff we used even did any damage. 12 c4 at the same time didn't even phase it , and in fact the gigas tanked more of our bullets than their Brontos and turtles so who knows. But volcano I'm glad you think you know how to kill one even though you've never tamed one or bred one. You can have 813 , every tribe on the server from Da mob to wildcards was insided , alliances broken because of infiltrators from the enemy server who were apparently planted for almost 2 months watching and waiting. No tamings is where it's at, lot more action and you don't have to worry about making 10000 gasoline every 2 days or feeding 400 dinosaurs. Been alpha on many servers and beta just the same , 336 , 425 , 664 , 1009 , and of course 813 but nothing beats a good old gunfight from Windows on a boat. Enjoy 813 volcano but chances are they will run you out like we did. Nobody likes scrubs
  7. Rafts count as tames
  8. Carca that's not an easy thing to do when there's a raid base with an Air Force directly in front of them and they set their dinos to follow others just in case they are picked. 20 people on enemy raiding team doesn't make it a cake walk
  9. How many rockets? How many rockets does it take from an ascendant launcher (250+ dmg) to enrage a 100% imprinted giga? We shot a 100% giga with over 15 rockets from ascendant launchers within 60 seconds , did not rage , did not get bloody, and did nothing to stop the giga whatsoever. There was no lag, there was low ping, and the rockets hit every time with red hit marker directly in the face every time. There is no counter to a 100% imprint giga , they shredded one of our 60k health Asc saddle Brontos in under 20 seconds. Shredded our perfect tame gigas 2 on 1 within a matter of seconds. (3 more 100% imprints right behind it waiting to help out just in case it wasn't easy enough to kill 2 270+ gigas with 1 giga in seconds. I guess this is the end anyways. It was fun ark, unfortunately it's time to give it up. 130 days played 1000's of dinosaurs tamed countless bases lost and defended but I can't continue until the balance of the game is much more even because as it is now, it's a complete waste of time and energy. And server 976, we had a fun time actually I'll give you guys credit on having a legitimate battle with us for this last run through ark. GG mates , good luck surviving out there !
  10. When will pteranodons be removed from the game?
  11. No you can't get "some tek tier" already unless you feel like going through every cave getting every artifact 14-15 times and beating TWO bosses at the same time (one of which only drops element) 14-15 times just to get a replicator built which if you are lucky you could build the boots after a bunch more cave diving and boss beating. Chances are though you'll take 10 100% imprint rexes and all your ascendant gear and lose it on the first attempt either after the monkey throws a rock halfway across the map and kills most of your guys with one stone , or you simply beat the bosses and then out of nowhere the game glitches out and everything you brought in dies even though you already beat the bosses well before the timer ran out. (Sometimes neither boss drops element surprise) hopefully the next "mega update" will fix this though.
  12. Only the island can get them from the harder underwater caves etc. been playing center a long time and haven't seen one
  13. Honestly nirvana 90% of the server is allied against outside attackers but if you messaged me I would be more than interested to know who's raiding who if you have information thanks
  14. Put the item in its inventory and hit right trigger when it's selected , there's also a button to use it halfway down the screen
  15. Are you at tame cap? They will incubate but not hatch anything if you are. Should say it on incubator bar