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      Upcoming Volcano Changes   04/27/17

      Please make sure you read the following information regarding the upcoming changes for the Volcano, as you are in potential risk of losing dinos or structures within a certain vicinity.  


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  1. Thank you for the response I really appreciate it. I can wait , this game is one of my favorites.
  2. Jat, if you don't mind me asking, where are the patch notes that say "raised font size". I don't think you seem to understand that many of us cannot read the text at all in any of the menus and I'm talking about with your face right in front of the screen. Not all of us play on a monitor and just the fact that this wasn't even mentioned makes me think it's something that you all think it's fine and doesn't need to change. I cannot continue to play this game with the text as is. it's simply a strain on my eyes and between the small print and the extremely bright colors I've gotten several migraines trying to keep my base going since patch. Please consider this
  3. This is happening in official Pvp as well. Quite randomly
  4. Good I'm glad to see they've agreed that it needs work. I just can't imagine why they rushed this to console though. It feels as if they didn't test it and just wanted to push the feature through even if it wasn't ready
  5. I'm glad you don't seem to care about all of the issues that have been brought up but that doesn't change anything. The UI IS UNREADABLE . THE TEXT IS TOO SMALL. THE COLORS ARE TERRIBLE, AND IT IS COMPLETELY CHAOTIC. Other than that it's great..
  6. Care to tell us what server ?
  7. Yeah it was a few days ago I read the post. lots of stuff that I miss as well , saw a video of the snail glitch , where you upload and download a snail and it has full organic polymer and cp again , basically like having 2x snails if it still works
  8. There's a lot more issues popping up besides just the small print as well. I've encountered freezing when trying to split any kinds of stacks and especially splitting ones of meat to spoil. It's a pain in the butt to try and take all from a bag on the ground as you have to go in the menu scroll over and hit the button which just takes way longer every time , unless they want us all to use whips all the time. I get a lot of lag when transferring certain kinds of items as well. Like a constant stutter on the graphics more so than a lag
  9. I completely agree. I was going to get on this morning but I can't even will myself to do it. Bad enough all my boats sank and I can't make the trip to the mountain right next to me on my argy , but this ui makes it unplayable and until it's fixed I can't even turn ark back on
  10. There is so many problems with the new ui and controls that it sure does seem like a mindless port from pc. I'm sure it would be nice if all that was the same but pc vs console is very two different beasts
  11. He's making a side point about the recent discovery that once a server hits maximum dinosaur population, anything that is bred becomes a wild , which can be tamed and gain tons more taming effectiveness every time. And you can keep doing it, breed more wilds then breed those into even more stats. Then you have level 700+ stuff with 1600 melee etc. but as I've said before the taming cap isn't even remotely close to being reached on Pvp official just pve. They should fo something soon however although it's probably too late since they've already used them for boss battles etc
  12. You're absolutely right the game is unplayable right now
  13. That's because you aren't playing on console.............
  14. Which part do you love , the unreadable text or the grind just to get through menus ?
  15. Completely 100% agree. This is hurting my eyes badly I can't keep playing so I'm just feeding the dinos and logging out. Flyer nerf I could deal with but this is just too much.