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  1. Put the item in its inventory and hit right trigger when it's selected , there's also a button to use it halfway down the screen
  2. Are you at tame cap? They will incubate but not hatch anything if you are. Should say it on incubator bar
  3. There is a lot of truth to this statement logically but it depends on the saddle of the animal too , maybe if they were non saddled level 5 with very low health roll , and the 249 ptera was maxed in melee with 100% imprint and melee stat mutations but yeah that sounds like a work of fiction already lol. A good ptera will destroy stuff though given enough time but not to the point where you could easily one shot things like op claims. The only thing about pteras I have a problem with is that I have recently been picked by a ptera and I was carrying 500+ pounds of stone and the ptera had enough momentum or whatever you want to call it to drag me about 20 feet off the cliffside before slowing down which is insane. If I'm carrying more than the max weight of the ptera (including the rider etc) they shouldn't even be able to lift me at all. Like not even be able to latch on especially not pick you off the ground a few feet or magically carry you when you have 2x their max weight
  4. Doedicurus and Carbonemys no longer gain Herbivore-healing from Veg Cakes v252.8 i think this was part of the pc patches and we just finally received it on Xbox
  5. Thanks for the definite answers good to know they're in
  6. We're you riding a dinosaur when it Happened by any chance
  7. When you take them into the water they fly up into the air and still drain food a lot slower but they will hover in the air as you raise them so you have to be there when they finish because otherwise they'll fly off and land when you aren't watching them but as far as I know it still works (unless recent patch has changed it)
  8. Are there seriously still no alpha mosas or squid on the center? And I'm not even going to get started on tek tier don't worry
  9. First of all it does work for flyers. Secondly it is such a shame that there is so many people trying to hide this glitch from developers and purposefully posting comments pretending that it doesn't work just so they can continue to abuse the glitches they have found. This isn't the first time either. You should be ashamed of yourself for continuing to abuse these glitches and trying to hide them from game developers (infinite meat anyone?!) because you are causing the game to go south real fast. Also the people that highly exaggerate their stories instead of telling the actual version of events that really did happen. this is a game that heavily needs balance and pretending that these things don't exist just for the temporary benefit of your tribe is no way to support a game that you actively enjoy. We're all guilty of using exploits from metal glitches to raiding techniques but we should work to get rid of these things so we end up with a legitimate game not one full of exploits
  10. They changed it to 10%
  11. I always add some extra wood to the beaver dams after I take the good stuff out
  12. Are you seriously posting on alt accounts trying to stir more poop up volcano?
  13. Need raiders to help eradicate an opposing alpha tribe who recently lost 12+ Brontos 15+ Rock golems and several wyvern turtles and pteras. Bounties will be paid for confirmed tame kills (screenshot or tribe log pic) we are paying out in (Asc bps , fert eggs, premades) message me for server information if you're interested in some fun Pvp with great rewards (official Xbox Pvp)
  14. I have recently posted on this and I can confirm these Xbox servers are down and several others that I know of currently. I know there's a lot going on wildcard and everyone's problems are just as important as the next , but these are entire clusters of servers down and the total affected might be in the thousands of players if these clusters stay down through the weekend. You should at the very least postpone these valentines events for Xbox until you can get your servers back online as it is unfair to everyone who is affected by this problem
  15. glitch

    Yeah he also says it works on official servers though