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  1. It would seem to most educated people that there are indeed certain persons who visit this forum and comment that most likely are paid by WC to try to control the damage to their reputation from some rather very honest and factual opinions. (No I'm not referring to the moderators) To try and silence the public opinion against their game and salvage what little remains of any positive reputation they may have. The fact is the game has spiraled so far down that fixing it has become an impossibility and so now they try to cover up their intentions to try and milk the crowd for as much money on the DLC and completely ignore any issues with the base game as they have continued to do for over two years
  2. Golem 90%efficacity at start everytime

    Well known bug but you can try to use a rocket for the last hit instead of a cannonball
  3. Essentially. I just want everyone to know that even if you have a large tribe with plenty of turrets etc it can be offline raided in a matter of a few hours. That's why you have to have 150 people in your tribe from every time zone and a discord chat to coordinate all the allies. And it's funny that even the mega tribes sometimes get wiped by cheaters with aimbots and ddos. The game is simply trash now. There's no way to fix it except stop playing. It was more balanced two years ago
  4. We got wiped in less than one hour offline and we had 30 people maybe more in the tribe About 300 turrets with 400 bullets in each on average (30 wyverns , we had brontos etc , built on a pillar etc) while tanking with stegos they c4ed the turret towers then c4ed into base while turrets were more then 3/4 full in bullets. Interior turrets drained with multiple stegos then generators destroyed by brontos tail swipe through walls. We only had a few people who could get on so it was a rip anyways
  5. The main thing to take away is that ark is a terrible game and it's grossly time consuming to try and keep up with unemployed and retired folks who don't mind spending 20 hours a day grinding explosives just so they can get their allies on and fill server cap to wipe everyone at 4am. And a base of 200+ auto turrets can be wiped in a matter of an hour or less with rock golems and stegos. Wildcard don't care at all. If they did care they wouldn't allow players to place c4 while riding a dinosaur like a stego which effectively bypasses your entire defense. Brontos with veggie cakes and metal ramps can soak a disgusting amount of bullets to the point where there literally is no reason to even grind autos at all. Plantx used to push the enemy Dino's and players back but I guess wildcard felt they were so overpowered that they should nerf ONE OF THE ONLY FORMS OF OFFLINE DEFENSE we had. It wouldn't matter anyways. Plantx will just get shredded by griffins doing dive swoops and barely take a dent with their 50,000 health. They have made this game so unbalanced that the ONLY viable option for tribes under 50 members is to play on an unnofficial server and even then there is too many problems and rarely any pvp. They ruined the game , that's the end of the story.
  6. Tek Rhino Saddle

    Even I think the Galli Saddle is a bad idea Haha. Just having fun. But the Rhino Saddle would be sweet
  7. Landmines

    I agree with the 48 hour timer and the radius so you can't spam them , the red light is a good idea but make it only visible by troodons, hyenadons, Tek helmet , and night vision goggles so they aren't that easy to find but are still not hard to if you have the right stuff. If you had a constant light it might defeat the purpose of the traps because people would always see them. Good ideas though
  8. Landmines

    I think that it would take a little work to implement them but they might be concerned about balance which I think I would be as well. But just disable them on pve servers so there's no griefing and on pvp you can use troodons abs hyenadons like I suggested but in my idea you could still be able to see them outright they would just be small and hard to spot and they can be damaged easily like other traps so it would be balanced. Possible make a mine limit per area radius or something but they could definitely balance them
  9. Tek Rhino Saddle

    The Tek Rhino Saddle increases the rhinos charge speed and damage by 100% and while charging is immune to bear traps and explosive damage. This would be an end game equalizer bringing the Rhino back into the Tek foray as a viable method of taking down larger tames and adding to end game diversity of creatures that will have Tek saddles. Also Tek Gallimimus Saddle that has extending wings that gives it the ability to fly and also be able to dive into the water and propel itself by consuming element would be nice. An all terrain Galli
  10. Landmines

    More types of traps: Tek Pulse Mine This very strong mine shoots out an arc of lightning in a wide radius doing heavy electrical damage and dismounting all players affected by the mine including friendly players. (Cost to be determined) Tek Shrapnel Bomb A large time based detonation device that after 30 seconds past activation explodes into hundreds of shrapnel shards that cause bleed damage over 15 seconds and slows all players affected by the explosion including friendly targets. This can be shut off before detonation by disabling it by any player. (Cost to be determined) Tek Liquid Nitrogen Bomb This extremely advanced bomb is much like the Tek Shrapnel Bomb in that its activated and detonated after 30 seconds. After detonation , frozen liquid nitrogen is sprayed in a sphere radius for 10 foundations which upon impact freezes the target and renders them immobile for 10 seconds while causing a cold effect on all areas affected by the bomb that rapidly reduces food and hunger and slight damage over time. (Cost to be determined) Tek Atomizer Bomb The mother of all bombs. The Tek Atomizer Bomb is a time based device that takes 3 minutes to fully activate and can be stopped by a player at any time if reached. Upon detonation of the device , a searing heat vaporizes any players and does damage equivalent to 5 rockets to all structures within 5 foundations and any items dissapear as well. Within 15 foundations it causes severe structural damage and disintegrates stone and wood structures. Within 35 Foundations players still take burn damage over time until the effect ends after 15 seconds. (Cost to be determined but will be -very- expensive and not considered effective to raid bases due to cost vs efficiency ratio and mainly used as a battlefield equalizer. This Bomb effects all targets in the 35 foundation radius including friendly targets.
  11. Landmines

    I really agree. We need more types of traps like this. Make 5 different kinds. Fragmentation mine / Narco mine / Grapeshot mine / EMP mine / Smokeshot mine Frag mine detonates after being stepped on by enemy Dino / player in a radius 2x of standard grenade with the damage and impact of (5) regular grenades. The cost is equal to 10 grenades plus 20 electronics per mine. Narco mine ,when stepped on , creates a cloud of gas twice the size of a poison grenade and does small amount of damage over time to knocked out players without a gas mask. This mine affects friendlies as well. It cost 3x the amount of a standard narcotic trap. Grapeshot mines are triggered when enemy player or Dino enter the arc of the sensor on the mine which is around 3 foundations (much like a modern claymore mine) The mine shoots a multidirectional blast of shotgun bullets in an arc with damage depending on how many bullets hit the target (standard shotgun damage) its cost is equivalent to 2 IED traps plus 20 electronics and 10 shotgun shells. EMP mines disable any enemy electronic based items in a large radius around the mine much like a lightning storm on scorched earth , and simultaneously do electrical damage to any metal platform dinosaurs causing them to be unrideable and for the rider to take electrical damage unless dismounted from the saddle. These mines are equivalent in cost to two underwater homing mines but make up for their very useful tactical advantage during a raid or defense. Smokeshot mine is an incendiary smoke device activated by proximity much like the grapeshot mine. It spews thick smoke in a 12 foundation radius circle and while smoking does heavy burn damage to anyone getting to close to the mine until the smoke has ended. The cost is equivalent to 3 smoke grenades and cost 20 electronics and 20 propellant. These mines are hard to see but can easily be detected by troodons , hyenadons , and tek helmets. They are easily damaged by bullets and other attacks and are treated as wood structures
  12. 90/70 players connected

    If the servers are called at 70 players how are 90 people getting in. The servers are extremely laggy and 20 extra people can't be helping
  13. Wild Gigatherium NEEDS NERF

    Maybe a literal bug then we chomped it with every game we had and it didn't even start to get bloody until it's red aura wore off. It was mate boosted from another wild in the area but even still it shouldn't be that strong of a damage resistance to where it can't get bloody. I've killed them before plenty of times but this one didn't take damage no matter what we tried I didn't see one speck of bloody. And a direbear with a mastercraft saddle died in less than 30 seconds and yes he was fighting for his life hard I can understand the allos and the deer and even the wolf but he even shredded the bronto down to 6k health and this all happened within literally a 60 second timeframe. Next time we won't even get near them just a warning to others they might be bugged
  14. Wild Gigatherium NEEDS NERF

    long story short , were moving 6 allos , 2 pt wolfs , a 250 megaloceros , a 160 megatherium a 170 quetzal , a 223 direbear a 220 bronto through redwoods to our new base on ragnarok. Halfway through the woods a 120 megatherium comes charging at us with the red glow above its head. Knowing we have a small army on we start attacking back and whistle neutral while we chomp with wyverns and it doesn't even remotely get bloody. In fact every tame we own started dying QUICK. Allo after allo dropped , then the bear and direwolf then the quetzal then everything else while we desperately scrambled to try and kill it. Ended up killing it and our wyverns took insane damage even after a few hits and our bronto was at half health. The megatherium literally took no damage while it was enraged by the bugs because we were chomping with two 240 wyverns and all our neutral tames. What an absolute joke. Can't even make it through the redwoods because a regular creature turns into a surprise giga halfway through the journey. Seriously wildcard , was the game not hard enough ? There's no way to avoid them if they rage near you they are fast and extremely aggressive with very high dps
  15. PS4 NEW UI text is too Small!! Especially in Co-op

    Cassanova when do you think this will be fixed ? Can't believe it's been 5 months already since I posted in this thread. The text is absolutely too small (on Xbox one ) I have tried multiple tv and it just is a real pain to deal with , not to mention trying to read what an apprentice item say. I honestly think you should change the GUI back to how it used to be. It was so much better