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  1. Player dedicated server I own a player dedicated server which I am trying to populate and get people on to. To play on my server message CosierHarbor954 with a message saying add me. It is online 24/7 and on the island. Pvp is totally fine and no admins will get involved with anything. The server has crazy high gather rates and stats are very boosted so have fun
  2. Hello my name is Mason, the leader of an alpha tribe on the Xbox console. We play on a pvp official server and are looking for people who can work hard and know how to play. We need tamers, builders and anything else that people would be good at. We are looking for people at the age of 17 or over. Our tribe have very good, hardworking members and we all know how to play the game very well so please feel free to send me a message on my account which is MasonDavid26 . We look forward to hearing from new people and thanks
  3. You shoul be able to roar for a very long time E.G. The longer you hold the LT button (for Xbox) the longer you roar but your stamina drains aswell... I think it would also be cool if the spinos had a roar
  4. Join this chat if you would like to check out the 24 Hour player dedicated server hosted by MasonDavid26! It is an amazing server with many friendly people although raiding is aloud as normal... The admin on this server does not cheat nor does he spawn in anything so don't be afraid to raid him if you feel like it!