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  1. for me all the maps when im running, or on a tame its a bit annoying wish it could be fixed.
  2. Random Crashes My Game keeps crashing every so often, for example. When i move on a tame or fight creatures and it is really annoying. Anything i can do to reduce the chance of this happening or no I play on xbox by the way.
  3. Bugs that need fixing Map not loading on extinction, and crashes when i mount a creature- Plz wildcard fix your game im begging you the entire ark community im sure wants you to so listen to your fans.
  4. Some cool stuff for the event but i want to see real change for ark all these bugs/glitches have been going on for way too long and need fixing for instance, bola's not working on extinction, the map not loading up how it is supposed to Plz wildcard fix ark. ASAP
  5. QOL(Quality of Life Prevent friendly fire between tribemates and prevent tribe made spike walls from damaging tames and tribemates
  6. yeah i agree with ya there my bad i hope they get around to fixing it
  7. Ark still needs work? is it just me or has ark changed from taming to duping most tames? Also i think ark has a long way to go in fixing visuals and other bugs/glitches like the glare of the sun etc
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