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  1. A mute is telling to a deaf that a blindman is watching the scene
  2. Baseball Hat Skin Is there a way to obtain the baseball hat skin? I would really like to have one.
  3. I love gasbgas! I had no idea they were a thing till I checked the DLC. I regret to have bought Aberration.. are those puffy things any good? Worth to tame and to have? Any use?
  4. Im afraid to don't understand what's funny in my bad luck and my request of help. Seems something normal that a normal person with a kind heart would do.
  5. Is in there anyone that plays OFFICIAL PVP ?(PC) Hello guys, sorry to disturb I need some help. Is in there anyone that plays on Official PvP server ? I lost my character lvl 96; aleready asked the support but nothing can be done as I don't have the screens ( never tought it could happen) Im looking for someone that can help with a grinder or something please. -Not gonna move,touch anything or write in chat. -I will immidiately leave the server after to avoid any further disturb
  6. It makes no sense to me. Why a Character that started on an Official Server and ended up in another Official that went Legacy after years has to remain trapped in there????? It has no sense . How would I have known this? I support ARK since the first day and I don't feel this is the right treatment
  7. Need help please So last time I played was 3 years agoo. I lost my character and can't find it anymore; went thorough all servers but can't find him ( it was lvl 96 ). However I had another character ( vl 88 )that it started on a official server " the center" ( that remained official ) and then I moved it to play with some friends on a "The Island" ; during that time the server were Official as well and now that I finnally found the lvl 88 I can't move it because it became Legacy... Please help me.. the support is not answering me.
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