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  1. u shouldn't need a quetzal to do absoultly anything in this raptoring game.
  2. maybee make it so tribemates can ride the dino after it's in your claws, u know, make the game playable.
  3. doeesn't help that it takes 1/4 your stamina to pick your friend off an ank, and you have toc hew though 2 - 3 stacks of meat just to get stamina.
  4. i'm seriously having tribemates quit the game because picking up an anklio with an argent takes 10 minutes, it's raptoring stupid
  5. This makes me want to play ark less. TBH I think they want their game to fail at this point, Abberation had low sales figures, it was so bad it actually drove down average sales figures, Rag didn't help either, it's like the more they add the worse it gets (no duh, it's all just mega-tribe farming content/dinos where some weapons diversity would probably bring more players, ie a grenade launcher, a more powerful grenade, combat drones, rocket towers, giving megopicathus guns, or molotov cocktails) they are probably trying to wind the game down and save on server fees. t sure seems they a
  6. Only people who will enjoy this are people who piddle around in God mode on single player/private servers that don't take the metagame seriously and trolls who are going to be using character transfer to kite these into Wildcard's dedicated player's bases, JUST like the Dodorex, but now you gave it wings. Now we're going to have to work 6 hour shifts and work around the clock on timers for 10 days to keep our base from getting wrecked (over 10 days there will be 240 dodowyvern spawns, since I started playing Ark the hollidays just aren't the same =( ). Are most Wildcard devleopers voting f
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