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  1. Much better than the $7 loss for me (at least my bank fixed it)
  2. That would be due to a different exchange rate when you ordered, compared to when they gave the refund. If you contact your credit card company, they will fix it for you. I did that, and they credited me the difference. Still sucks that I had to contact my bank to fix an error that WildCard made.
  3. As long as you are in the US. They cancelled all non-US orders
  4. Same thing here. I will be giving Visa a call tomorrow and they can deal with it. (minus the email, I still haven't received an actual message that my order was cancelled, but when I did click the link to my order it shows as cancelled)
  5. Truly pathetic customer service. I just checked and my order has now also been cancelled (up until a few minutes ago it was still good to go) The good news for Wild Card, this will open up one of their limited supply Collector's Editions, as I won't be making a second order. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Won't be fooling me a second time. Now if my Credit Card doesn't receive an immediate refund, I will be contacting Visa, as they don't mess around with things like this.
  6. Half the time we get lumped in with the US. That's why I asked. TBH, the shipping to up here wasn't that unreasonable, and that was why I proceeded with my order. If they did indeed cancel my order, I won't be placing another order.
  7. Actually, the initial ETA was August 8th No surprise that you are going to delay it once again. Wild Card seems to be great at everything but meeting ETAs and communication. I find it amazing that Conan was able to launch with the ability to rent servers. As broke as that game currently is, they were able to provide rentable servers on Xbox. So obviously being able to rent servers on Xbox isn't rocket science. Instead of being able to rent servers we were given the otter. Oh wait, xbox hasn't received that yet either. It would be nice if Wild Card would actually follow through on things
  8. Gathered some metal. Realised breeding and taming was useless. Logged off
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