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  1. I would say the complaints are from the people that already have had their money taken, with the expectation they would be receiving extinction Spring 2018 (that was what was on the info for the season pass when I bought the season pass at least) To go from spring to mid fall kinda sucks when you paid for something expecting you would have it well before then.
  2. Not really my point but whatever. In terms of Prim plus, it is an official mod released with the core game. For those of us that play on xbox and have no access to the mods that PC does, we can still play prim plus. As for this game. When I first started playing this game, it was a survival game with dinosaurs. Aside from the implants and arks, there was no heavy futuristic sci fi feel to the game. That was the game I actually enjoyed. As they continued to develop it and changed the core fundamentals of the game into the heavily futuristic sci fi game it has become was when I started to lose interest. I still played mind you, but the game isn't as enjoyable for me now as it was when I was first playing it in preview (pre flier nerf)
  3. Yet primitive plus is quite popular (a mod that removes most of the sci fi aspects of ark)
  4. I was hopeful the countdown would be the release of extinction, not the countdown to announcing the release. Still a far cry from the original spring 2018 initial release date. Colour me unimpressed.
  5. Appears it is another late Friday release. I hope it doesn't break anything!
  6. There must have been fires again. As it is friday and still no update. Unless they are planning another one where they release it late friday and break everything update.
  7. Haven't had one of those since October. Makes me wonder if that is still even a thing?
  8. That's how wild card seems to operate sometimes. Always delaying things another week and before you know it, two months have passed.
  9. You would think that they would have ten minutes to answer a few questions over a months span.
  10. It should be noted that cross play won't be enabled on the official network (although they did state they will be releasing some servers for crossplay) so even if you get cross play on pc, chances are you won't be able to play with your friends playing on Xbox official servers
  11. Will console be getting any updates prior to that? We still have bugs on console from the initial release. It would be nice to get the first part of the desert sometime soon as well.
  12. Is ark digest no longer a thing? Last one was in October.
  13. Another ETA missed. Big surprise there. Considering this was initially announced for original game release of August 8th, these delays are just getting ridiculous! Yes, we have been patient, but our patience is really starting to wear thin.
  14. Gathered some metal. Realised breeding and taming was useless. Logged off
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