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  1. why i am in a tribe with people i know irl so if they inside i just ..... them irl
  2. Well we basically gave them the gp and acted like there servants and waited a little while until they had wiped most of the server and then we all stayed up till 4am and hit their base they had they were not on thank god. The main stuff we killed was 2 90% imprinted giga and 3 queztals 1 bronti 5 stegos and a lot of flyers plus resources tames we got a good amount of turret bullet heavy turrets and explosives. Then we went on there center and sniped everything they had with compound bows killed like 40-50 tames just chilling in their courtyard big thing was 8 wyverns and their mining queztal and anky it was by their forge guess they forgot to put it up we could've done more but they got on and we dipped plus we tanked some turret bullet with some stegos and rammed a bronti in there base just 4 fun. They told us they gonna wipe us but we ain't worried we hurt them bad and they gave us alot of stuff to defend with 23 heavy turrets and 2 vaults worth of ar bullets is good for us. Plus their scorched isnt that big anyways and their island same story so they aint a mega tribe after all. But if we didn't act like we were gonna kneel then we would've gotten wipe us having the element of surprise and really hitting them hard put us on the winning side stayed up for 39hrs but it was worth.
  3. Ended up wiping them off of our server just used the gunpowder thing as a way to buy us time cuz we couldn't fight them head on ty 4 criticism tho
  4. they ended up giving us anky fert eggs and quezt so we can farm better so they alright other then killing the ptero for poop and giggles they solid and i rather have a base then not have a base
  5. rather pay gp and fortify my base even more then lose everything I have build in 8 months in a couple days
  6. We had mega tribe come outside our base yesterday with enough stuff to wipe the whole server with which they did but we just offered them 20k gunpowder a week which isn't much for a 4 man tribe to grind out on the weekends just a tip to those. They did make us bring out a ptero and kill it but whatevs
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