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  1. Ok, that's what I figured. It was just confusing how it says you can acquire tek engrams via blueprints without the need to kill bosses. It should just say you can acquire higher level tek blueprints.
  2. Tek Engrams on Extinction "Tek blueprints can be acquired in OSDs; this is the only way to get quality Tek equipment, or to acquire Tek engrams via blueprints without the need to kill bosses." I read this on the Ark Gamepedia for the Extinction osd's. I got a good Tek Chestpiece/jetpack from a red osd and crafted it but I get the message, must unlock tek engram to equip. I've got most of the tek engrams unlocked from doing boss fights on The Island but I haven't yet done the Alpha Dragon to unlock that chestpiece engram. However, I'm confused about that statement on the Ark Gamepedia. How do you unlock the tek engram with just the blueprints without doing the boss fights?
  3. I had a similar problem a couple years ago and my solution was to update my controller. In xbox settings, check to see if there's an update for it. Try googleing xbox controller update and follow the steps. Maybe it will work.
  4. For me, singleplayer Extinction map broke after 793.40. Actually, 793.40 fixed the corrupted dinos and osd's, but broke the trees and underground spawns.
  5. You could use the command Ghost and go under there and kill them, then when you're back up use the command Walk to get back to normal.
  6. No, these bugs have been going on since patch 793.40. They are aware of it.
  7. @Cedric a majority of the Extinction trees still aren't rendering, they appear grey and blocky. Still no dino or fish spawns in the underground section.
  8. I will definitely be checking tonight after work.
  9. Also, in split screen singleplayer there is what's called tether distance and that's what is causing her to spawn back to you. I'm not sure if you can increase the tether distance though.
  10. It must be a new glitch, I've never heard of this happening before.
  11. Yeah, same is happening in my singleplayer game on Extinction. It started after the last patch 793.40.
  12. Ugh, I feel your pain. Ark has become quite demanding on the xbox one. I finally got the Xbox X and am amazed how much better Ark runs. I only play singleplayer but there's way less crashes and with the enhanced graphics Ark looks pretty amazing.
  13. Yeah, if you stray too far the drop will despawn. Best to stay around the layer boundary of the maximum shield. It can be hard to judge when the shield collapses. Just be patient, the dinos will eventually show up or get killed by other dinos. Sometimes the small dinos can be hard to see if there's bushes.
  14. Best ammo with the longneck would be the shocking tranq darts.
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