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  1. Never tamed a Quetzal because I had never played in a Tribe since they were added. Though recently, I met somebody on Official and we teamed up on Unofficial, and I managed to tame a Quetzal by myself using a bat. Its an Unofficial Server that operates exactly like Small Tribes, except with a bit better decorum. The bat made it a breeze, as I could fly by myself and chase it down in the air with a longneck rifle and shocking tranq darts. Honestly, Fjordur's 'dinosaurs' that were added make the game ALOT easier to play as a solo player. I imagine the Andrewsarchus would make quick work of the broodmother with it's minigun saddle, haven't tested it though. Not to mention all the hiding spots that exist on the map. I've found several types of rare resources that aren't listed on any of the resource maps, but yet there they are, and sure enough a great base spot to boot. The level of technology Ark 2 should have should be equal to the level of technology in Jurassic Park the movie, with the modern technology being the end-game stuff instead of Tek. I have spoken.
  2. No. One of the key features to Ark PvP is the winner-takes-all aspect to it. Current problem is that the winner usually already has everything and the loser has almost nothing and the only point for the winner was just to crush people. I think the Fjordhawk is a perfect solution though and a must continuing forward into Ark 2. It adds a way for players to stop losing their gear, and a couple hoops the winners have to jump through to try and get your gear. In other words, killing your hawk before its out of render distance or tranqing you before killing you. Some guys raided my base while I was offline, and I was expecting it, so I set up a series of Narcotic Trip Wires. Well he got hit, the Fjordhawk dismounted and got merced by my turrents... then the server restarted and he got his Fjordhawk back. Still happened though. I logged in about 5 minutes into their raid. They still destroyed everything as they were the Alpha Tribe and I was but a solo player.
  3. ORP should exist, except it should be an object that you place down that gives the protection. Whatsmore, that should be for tribes of 5 or less people, and give them the choice of ORP or raid times, whichever is more ideal for them. Any Tribe beyond that should be forced to have Raid Times. As far as building a behemoth gate in a cave then the base further in, just don't allow tribes to place behemoth gates in caves unless they have raid timers enabled. Better yet, disable cave building unless you have raid timers enabled. Raid Timers just won't work for solo players, as they can't exactly defend against a timed alpha raid. However for bigger Tribes, it's a must, as they have so many people on, an ORP is just useless, driving them to do exploiting such as placing a behemoth gate with a smurf account in another Tribe. Currently the Fjordur CrossArk6 is awful. People running around with exploits to see any location where there is a base then destroying it with their tek suit for giggles. In addition, blocking the element cave, blocking the Mines of Moria entirely with ORP, blocking every single XP node on the map with ORP, etc. Though to be fair, in this case, its not just for giggles, as the server is almost population capped every other day so they are trying to get people off of the servers so they can play. Why WildCard hasn't added another set of these servers is beyond me.
  4. In the first couple months of Arks launch my Tribe and I managed to hide in a random section of the forest on the west center side of the island, for about 3 weeks, by not chopping down the trees. And we had a decent sized base. It wasn't until we tamed a Spinosaurus and they followed us back to our base did we get wiped, then imprisoned and used for blood packs. Hiding for so long in a random spot in the "open" covered by harvestable resources nowadays is impossible. Not to mention the Parasaur detection trick with a Wyvern is absolutely ridiculous. You are forced to cryo ALL of your dinos every single night, then uncryo them just to stay hidden.
  5. No, not everyone else has done those things, as majority of the people who tried to do PvP never got to that point. Never even been able to tame a quetzal because all my friends refuse to play Ark ever again. PvE is absolutely horrible due to the clutter, and unofficial servers are fun, but how can you be sure the server will stay up? There is no inbetween, well only 2 clusters, so 90% of the people who bought the game are out of luck. That is a valid point, in that people play Ark SE PvP because of how it plays. However it also maybe that there are so few people on there, making it safer for them. Maybe that's a good thing, as the majority of people who play PvP at the moment are the small fraction that managed to get beyond the bob stage. Thats not all everyone wanted from PvP. Perhaps thats what you may have wanted, and what many of the hardcore players wanted, but definitely not everyone. I do love the free-for-all nature of the game, and how one can just capture somebody, and drain their blood for health packs. Things like that are great. Problem is the game is set up so that the players become so powerful they can quickly dominate the environment, therefor, feel no need to work with other Tribes with the exception of dealing with bosses and resources. If Alpha Tribes had to coordinate to deal with an encroaching pack of Gigas (they are pack animals historically), then maybe the beach bobs would have time to build their base and not get raided by bored Alpha Tribe players.
  6. If they nail the combat, meaning its not terribly challenging like Dark Souls can be, then I think it could work out great. Valheim is an excellent Survival Game similar to Ark and that is 3rd person. Probably the two main driving factors behind this decision was Elden Ring's success and Valheim's sudden success. I feel 1st person should still be an option for when walking around primarily, but also when harvesting or in combat. And by in combat, it probably won't be too functional but that's fine.
  7. Chronicles of Ridsausage nailed the melee combat for first person in my opinion. EDIT Seeing as Chronicles of Ridsausage is one of the games/movie series Vin Diesel is known for, I don't think it should be censored on that Ark forum lol.
  8. The idea that you have to kill yourself and cryo ALL of your dinos after every play session just to maintain any sort of security is absolutely ridiculous. I use the cryopods too, however I shouldn't be forced to in order to try and hide. Also makes breeding impossible. Seriously, this should have been patched years ago. EDIT* I'd like to further elaborate on a solution for this issue. The concept of using a Parasaur to detect players in my opinion is really cool, not something I want gone. However, there needs to be a way to ensure the Parasaur can't detect your base. A sort of plant and/or powered structure could be added that negates the Parasaur's detecting abilities while it's on. A tame that does this same thing would work too, but that could be used offensively as well, like the Parasaur, and that's what those of us here are trying to prevent. By having a device that requires electricity, it makes the device a whole lot harder to use offensively. Sure, they can place down a generator and turrets, and bob's your uncle, however it still costs resources vs the Parasaur that doesn't cost hardly any resources. Platform saddles exist sure, except it's kind of hard to miss those with the naked eye. Just my thoughts. As it stands, the Parasaur makes PvP servers annoying to play on, as having to do the song and dance of suiciding and cryopodding every night/morning gets repetitive fast.
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