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  1. The Fenrir mount should be a bit stronger for what it requires. And I don't just mean DPS. Here's a few of the abilities the Fenrir should have; Thorns similar to the Shadowmanes, and slows like the Shadowmane's thorns, except these thorns also give hypothermia. Leap ability like the Shadowmanes. Instead of being able to breathe underwater, swim fast, and gaining the Spino buff like the Shadowmanes do, give the Fenrir and allies near it, the ability to Walk on Water like the Death Knights from World of Warcraft. Give the Fenrir a Frost Breath Attack like the Managamrs have. First attack against a frozen target should do bonus damage, comparable to the Shadowmane's adrenaline bite. Make them as big as the Shadowmanes. The Fenrir and Shadowmanes should be comparable, with Shadowmanes having more individual DPS but Fenrir's coming out on top in packs and defensive capabilities.
  2. Exactly as the title says. Arthopleuras should give organic polymer, as Mantises give it, and arguably Arthropleuras are more trouble than Mantises.
  3. Tek Crop Plots should receive the full greenhouse effect as long as the Tek Crop Plot is "indoors," basically the little house icon that shows up on the HUD. Since the Greenhouse effect is moreso from the air being sealed off and warmer with more CO2 for the plants, having the plants in doors with growlights creates the same effect in real life, therefor should as well in the game.
  4. Samething as a Charge battery, except it can power Tek Structures, or regular electronics for a far longer period of time, consuming 1 element to make/recharge each one.
  5. Desmodus shouldn't be allowed, but the others obviously should be.
  6. Currently it is "double tapping F" And this is horrible. I've lost countless shoulder pets due to lag or what have you, because I needed to access my mount's inventory. Today, I just lost all my gear because at some point during an Alpha boss fight I tossed my Fjordhawk and it got merced in the mess. Then I died and lost everything, which is normal before Fjordur, but I wouldn't have brought in that gear if I expected to lose it.
  7. Mutagen I think should function with bred, but not mutated Dinos, the same way it does with wild tames. Not much to say other than that.
  8. I think there is a place for them if they weren't forced on the players, if they were just there as a way to gain XP and loot. Or if the missions had some real connection to the lore rather than simulation arenas.
  9. So I skipped out on Genesis 1 and Genesis Part 2. I like maps that are one big open area, though Genesis 2's map is fairly open, I don't like seeing terrain I can't go to in my games, big turn off for me, and always has been. Though I thought I'd give Genesis 2 a go, as I already had it and wanted to tame a Tek Stryder, so in I went, and boy and am I glad I missed these expansions. Absolutely horrdendous experience of trying to tame a Tek Stryder. Not only do I have to do 52 missions, but I have to do it on another map I'm not currently playing on (I'm on Fjordur, I hate spreading out too much on different maps), and they have to be unique missions. On top of that, some of the missions are so bugged its extremely hard, if not down right impossible to do if you have any latency issues with your connection, which I'm on a satellite connection, so yeah, mine isn't the best. Who came up with the idea of missions in the first place? Waste of time and energy, almost nobody likes them. They might like 1 or 2, but I highly doubt people just do them for fun/entertainment. They do it because it's homework/chores. Thank God Fjordur exists, Ark would of had such a horrible end to it with all this crap revolving around forced missions where you are just rowing a canoe. What purpose for the story or immersion of the game does this serve? None, it's busywork to make people put more hours into the game and its atrocious.
  10. Never tamed a Quetzal because I had never played in a Tribe since they were added. Though recently, I met somebody on Official and we teamed up on Unofficial, and I managed to tame a Quetzal by myself using a bat. Its an Unofficial Server that operates exactly like Small Tribes, except with a bit better decorum. The bat made it a breeze, as I could fly by myself and chase it down in the air with a longneck rifle and shocking tranq darts. Honestly, Fjordur's 'dinosaurs' that were added make the game ALOT easier to play as a solo player. I imagine the Andrewsarchus would make quick work of the broodmother with it's minigun saddle, haven't tested it though. Not to mention all the hiding spots that exist on the map. I've found several types of rare resources that aren't listed on any of the resource maps, but yet there they are, and sure enough a great base spot to boot. The level of technology Ark 2 should have should be equal to the level of technology in Jurassic Park the movie, with the modern technology being the end-game stuff instead of Tek. I have spoken.
  11. Was not aware of this despite me having put about 1700+ hours into the game and played since June 2015. Thing is though those servers aren't enough. Capped at level 44 and dinos capped at level 30? Yeah, that's way too low. It needs to allow players to get to 105 at least. AND allow players to unlock Tek engrams, just not use them while on the "Beginner" servers then. I went with Eden because it was in the theme of Ark. Dino levels need to go to level 90 at least, maybe level 120 as there are other servers with the 150s which are what you need if you want to start a good breeding line. Perhaps restrict C4 and Rocket Launcher engrams on those servers. By not having an adequate platform for new players to start off on, then it just drives people away from the game. And the Beginner servers definitely are not an adequate starting platform, seeing as there's no real way to attempt a boss fight on there with just base level 30 dinos.
  12. Instead of restricting Tribe Limits, or how many hours somebody has, we'll use a simple mechanic here; Ark Transfers. Create a set of Servers (1x), on the Island, Aberration, and Scorched Earth, but not Extinction, Genesis or Genesis 2. Lets call the type of servers, 'Eden' servers. The Mechanics No players from any non Eden PvP servers can transfer to the Eden servers. Players from the Eden servers however can transfer all their gear, dinos, and character to the Official PvP or Small Tribes servers; one way. If somebody wishes to go to Aberration or Scorched Earth and not leave the Eden servers, then can travel to those maps and back, as long as they are traveling to the Eden servers. On these servers no Tek is allowed either, though it can be unlocked on them. Once the player is ready to go to the regular Official PvP, they can bring their new Tek knowledge with them from killing the bosses. This way Alphas can't deny new players the ability to progress in the game, they can only deny them the ability to build on the Alpha's server. I'm sure there will be Alphas on these servers too, though their ability to be an alpha will be greatly hindered and eventually they will get bored and want new content. This will force them to surrender the Eden server in order to keep enjoying the game. And if they don't Wildcard could always just make that specific server a regular PvP server and repurpose a dead PvP server as an Eden server.
  13. Pretty sure its a bug. I noticed that whenever I log out my baby/juvies stop eating as well.
  14. Pretty sure its a glitch with the game itself. I noticed the babies/juveniles stopped eating when everyone logged out.
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