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  1. Raising a baby Gacha. The following method had worked for me on more than 20 Gacha babies: 1. Get it to an area with a trough full of Stone. 2. Take it off Wander and Follow. 3. Drop a fridge full of meat in front of it on the ground. 4. Drop about three or four stacks of stone too. --- The baby Gacha will pick them up, and they will go into it's inventory. They eat 20 at a time, that's why I add the stone. If it gets low on meat, drop a few more stacks in front of it. 5. When it troughs, take what's left out of it's inventory. *They don't appear to actually "eat" from the trough, but all of mine have lived (so far). ** I'm not on official, I'm on PC hosted with an Xbox.
  2. Xbox One Single Player 1. The playercommand Ascend1 and 2 have not fully unlocked the center map. The start game options are grayed out. I can only launch the game by pressing start when the center map is highlighted. 2. The r.bloomquality and r.lightshafts commands no longer work. I had to use these consistently just to be able to play (see image below) because the glare makes the game nearly unplayable. 1.[Update] I deleted my Center Map, loaded the Island, spawned in the items, killed all 3 Alpha bosses, then completed the Alpha Tek Cave. I reloaded the island, respawned, and quit to the main menu. Now my Center is working like it should.
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